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‘Anyone Sinning During Ramadan Is Worse Than Satan’ 

By Elvis Tah

The Imam of Buea, Elhadj Aboubakar Mohammad, has stated that anybody committing evil during Ramadan is worse than satan. According to Elhadj Aboubakar, during Ramadan, the gates of Paradise are opened and the doors of hell are closed, while sheitan (Satan) is incapacitated. The Imam spoke to The Post at the Buea Central Mosque Friday, August 13, after the afternoon prayers by Muslims faithful in Buea.    

He said Ramadan is a spiritual turning period in which Muslims engage in fasting and abstinence. "In Buea, we begin fasting from 5.00 am until 6:40 pm when we can resume our daily activities. I am talking about the case of Buea because it varies from one area to another. This depends on where the sun sets earlier because we follow the sun," Elhadj Aboubakar said.

He said, during the Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to recite the Koran, to be charitable, visit the sick and prisoners, and care for destitute people. The Imam said Ramadan is usually for 29 or 30 days. "It begins when we recite the crescent and ends when we recite the crescent. It has nothing to do with a particular month."

He explained that in the Islamic calendar, there is the Ramadan month which is prescribed by Allah. According to him, Ramadan comes up on the 10th month in the Islamic calendar, but it is not fixed in the Gregorian calendar because, sometimes it comes in summer, sometimes it is in December or February. The Imam said the Ramadan period is amongst the periods when people go for pilgrimages to the holy sites; Makka (Mecca) and Meidin.

"The pilgrimage to Mecca and Meidin happens within the three months of Ramadan period. Immediately after this Ramadan, there is shahwal which is period for people to visit holy sites, but it is not compulsory," he said. Elhadj Aboubakar held that other pilgrimages include Haram in Medin and Masjidul Aksa in Jerusalem. 

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