Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Appeasement Booty Splits CPDM Elite 

By Maxcel Fokwen

File: CPDM militants

Bickering reportedly emerged over the unequal sharing of appeasement allowances assigned to CPDM elite which Government dispatched to the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

There is grumbling at the level of some Subdivisions in the Regions regarding the handling of such resources and the composition of its members.

The Post gathered that old political rivals used the mission to sideline their potential opponents. Such militants were reportedly left out even if they are perceived to be closer to the population.
Investigations relating to the management of such money have been sketchy but participants keep grumbling.

Attempts to get CPDM Coordinators and other mission members to open up on the supposed in-house tension have been futile. Most of them grumble but none is willing to speak up.

Among the many grievances, some members are reported to have raised eyebrows over the alleged handing over of FCFA 1 million to Senior Divisional Officers, SDOs, and FCFA 500.000 to Divisional Officers, DOs.

Unconfirmed reports talk of each Subdivision having received FCFA 2.5 million to power the appeasement teams.

Traditional rulers are said to have been assigned specific amounts to ease the field work but the handling of others is what is said to have pricked the bile of some elite.

Some members are reported to have bundled the money into their private pockets before later issuing peanuts to their collaborators.

The Post witnessed one of such instances where a team leader on field work had bundles of banknotes stashed to his chest pocket. Other collaborators trailed the leader from spot to spot, but signs of getting their share looked less likely.

Meantime, there are those who claim that Government did not give out such amount of money for anyone to throw around.