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Apprentice Beautician Destroys Girl’s Eye 

Photo used for illustrative purpose

Photo used for illustrative purpose

An apprentice beautician at Mokolo market in Yaounde last week reportedly damaged the eye of a client as she struggled to fit her with artificial lenses.

The apprentice is said to have pierced the eye of a girl whose name The Post got only as Deborah while she wasfitting acontact lens onto her eye.

Deborah, who hadresolved to wear fake eye lashes and lenses so as to look fashionable and up-to-date among her peers, had approached the apprentice beautician by name Georgette.

According to an eyewitness, other beauticians had warned Deborah not to go to the apprentice, but sheignored the warning.Consequently, the two beginners embarked on the beautificationtask. While the amateur beautician trembled with her instruments, the client, out of fear, kept on shaking her body and moving her eyelashes up and down.

As the panicking Georgettestruggled to fit the artificialcontact onto Deborah’seye, the sharp edge of the scissors pierced her eye and blood started oozing out. Deborah’s screams reportedly threw the market into commotion, when people mistook the girl’s cry for helpfrom a terrorist invasion.

However, the market goers soon learnt otherwise.
Reports say furious traders hauled down insults on the two girls,regardless of the pains that afflicted Deborah. Some vendors are said to have questioned whether she wanted to complete what her ‘Maker’ left undone.

An elderly woman blamedyouthful exuberance of nowadays on globalisation.

According to her, television and the so-called Western civilisation has brainwashed the young people into believing that they can walk on water.

“Our youngsters have lost sense of reality and are sheepishly copying foreign ways of life. They want to live and act as they see others on television do. Little do these youths know that what is projected on the screens is not always the reality,” she said.

Another marketwoman said Deborah’s case was not the first.

She said another girl went through the same experience some time ago, but the girl’s case was not as bad as Deborah’s.

According to the woman, the girl’s eyelids got glued by the Superglue used to attach fake eyelashes.

A youthsaid looking good is good business but to exaggerate is uncalled for. According to her, making an effort to appear appealing is not a crime but to overdo itcan land one in hot waters just like Deborah.

She advised that trendy practices involving sensitive body parts, especially the eye, is not always advisable.

“You can develop eye diseases and eventually blindness in the long run and this can impede you from achieving your dreams. Also, how will you see and enjoy the smiles of your grandchildren if your sight is sacrificed on the altar of temporal pleasures?”she questioned.

By Solange Tegwi (Siantou Journalism Student On Internship)

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