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Are We Afraid Of A Fair Bout? 

Dear Mr. President, ‘It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or disbelieving, it consists in professing to believe what one does not believe.’

Uncle Paul, this assertion by Thomas Paine fits in quite well with what is going on or not going on around us, it would seem. "Fru Ndi barred from CRTV." This is a caption of a story found in last Friday’s edition of this medium. Uncle Paul, is this true?  Who did this kind of thing to our hard-earned reputation? Sounds like G11 to me. Their albatross scheme having failed, they are now turned against our reputation.  What will the world think about us Uncle?

You know like does everyone else who follows our discussions that the CLUB has been holding brief for you around this hood.  We have been putting it across with some success that you mean well.  But as you know, our discussions are sometimes stormy. One of such took place after our chat with Uncle John. It was focused on the inconsistency of your desired legacy-(The man who brought democracy to Cameroon), on the one hand and our unsuccessful efforts at conducting credible elections on the other.

Someone asked if we were cowards; are we afraid of a fair bout?  And he asked why you would only enter the ring when your opponent is handicapped?  As your privileged nephew, I took exception to such an allegation as my pride was seriously tainted. They would not let me rest. I was attacked and assaulted (verbally) for being so obstinate.  Not that the CLUB has refused to hold brief for you; just that as someone said, some zealots may just be misleading us. The illustrations were quite graphical, Uncle.

They said like your brother, John, you are dancing ‘go for before, for back.’  Firstly, you introduced mandate limitations in the 1996 Constitution. This, they said, went to strengthen your desired legacy as stated above. Then the 2007 contradiction; you backtracked on the very thing that was going to make us a hero. Then, NEO I and NEO II. Then ELECAM I that was never tried yet ELECAM II was created in its stead with the "infamous’ MINATD bouncing back.  It was

while this assault was going on that this despicable incident at Lonkak took place. 
Uncle Paul, is it like the zealot who ordered for this thing to be done was oblivious of the fact that the world will get to know about it?  So, why did he go ahead to do it anyway? Is this not pure sabotage?  I can now feel how frustrated sometimes you are with these guys.

Thank God for your abundant supply of patience. But sometimes soon, you must let the world know in graphical terms what I know about you-that you are a good man, and that some people around the palace have abused the confidence we have bestowed on them. Only, Uncle Paul, you must learn to, (sorry), show your indignation soon enough before things completely go out of hand.

You know, 20 years on after 1990, we cannot continue to pride ourselves that we have things under control; Uncle John is beginning to sound scary really. I truly doubt for how long we can continue to call his bluff.  Muhammad Ali may be the world’s boxing legend but can he still hold his own today even against a feather weight champion? I am sure that you followed our discussion with Uncle John about how to meander. It looks like he is taking that discussion rather seriously.

What would you do if Uncle John sent one of his kids to confront you in the ring? Would you assume Goliath status? And what if he sends one of his little cute athletic daughters? No, Uncle! Not that I underestimate women. I just can’t stand seeing you being juggled around by a woman. Remember the story of Samson? And Delilah’s toying fingers? Uncle Paul, I will not live to see such a duel. And what if you and Uncle John just graciously stepped out of the ring? Don’t our people say, ‘quit the dance while the applause is loudest?’

Before we go, have you heard of how your brother is preparing to receive you up country? He must really think much of you. Like I told you sometimes ago, the hood is holding its breath ahead of that fraternal tea drink. I know that these zealots are sleeping in juju houses to block this event.

Remember that blessed are peace makers and I dare say blessed are they that embrace peace overtures, for they shall be remembered long after them. I know that with your infinite wisdom, you will personally take this tea offer under control. We hope that we shall be given more reasons soon enough to continue holding brief for you. In the meantime, accept our unflinching support in the 2020 spirit.

Moderator, CLUB2020

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