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As 2018 Elections Loom: CPDM SG Begs Warring Comrades To Cease Fire 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

CPDM Central Committee Secretary General, Jean Nkuete, has appealed to the party’s warring militants in Wouri III to bury the hatchet ahead of the 2018 elections.

Nkuete recently led a CPDM delegation to Douala to reconcile his party militants that were ripped apart by 2013 municipal elections.

During the elections, the CPDM was ousted from the Douala III Council, which is one of the five biggest and richest councils in the country.

SDF’s Theophile Job Kwapnang replaced CPDM’s Oumarou Fadil as Mayor of the Council.
But the loss of the Council has been a bitter pill for the CPDM hierarchy to swallow.
They have all repeatedly vowed to ensure that the CPDM reclaim the Council in the 2018 municipal elections.

But the party hierarchy is troubled by the protracted infighting among militants. Before the visit of Nkuete, several delegations sent by the party to Douala to reconcile the warring factions had often failed in their mission.

It was against this backdrop that the CPDM Scribe was in Douala to resolve the internal crisis.
Nkuete was accompanied by the CPDM Littoral Regional Coordinator, Laurent Esso, who is also Minister of Justice, Minister Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe of Secondary Education and Wouri CPDM Divisional Coordinator, Camille Ekinidi, among others.

Before the closed door reconciliation meeting, Nkuete and his delegation met CPDM militants of the Section in a brief meeting.

Militants who took part in the meeting told The Post on condition of anonymity that the outcome of the meeting will yield fruits.

According to them, the belligerents promised to bury their hatchets “for the interest of the party”.
But political observers in Douala say only time will tell, given that the same militants have over the past years taken similar commitments but the crisis was still persisting.

It would be stressed here that the two warring camps are led by the former Mayor of Douala III, Oumarou Fadil, and the former Wouri III Section President, Manga Zang.

The two leaders were political friends before the escalation of the conflict.
In 2002, Zang supported Fadil to become Douala III Mayor.

Zang again supported Fadil’s re-election in 2007, while he (Zang) was elected First Deputy Mayor. But before the mandate ended, the two were already at daggers drawn.

The breakdown in relationship between Fadil and Zang soon started affecting the Wouri III CPDM.
The split became glaring in 2013 during the composition of the lists for the municipal elections. Mayor Fadil constituted his list excluding Zang and the WCPDM and YCPDM Section Presidents.
On his part, Zang composed his own list, excluding Mayor Fadil.

Both officials sent in their separate lists to the Investiture Commission at the CPDM Central Committee in Yaounde. The Commission validated Fadil’s list and discarded that of Zang.

Zang and his faction accused Fadi for corrupting the CPDM Investiture Commission with money.
Before the 2013 municipal elections, the party hierarchy sent a delegation to reconcile the two factions but the reconciliation mission flopped.

When the SDF won the 2013 municipal election in Douala III, Mayor Fadil accused Zang of secretly campaigning against the CPDM list.

Reorganisation Of Basic Organs

After their humiliating defeat at the 2013 elections, the Fadil family allegedly vowed that Zang would pay dearly for campaigning against them in the municipal elections.

During the 2015 reorganisation of the basic organs of the CPDM, Fadil sponsored a list headed by Ateba to challenge the list of Zang for the Wouri III CPDM Section President.

After the reorganisation exercise, Zang suffered a humiliating defeat from Ateba. Zang and his supporters contested the election results, accusing the Reorganisation Commission of supporting Ateba’s list under the influence of the Fadils.

The Douala III Reorganisation Commission set up an office in a building owned by the Fadil Family. The office was offered to them by Bayero Fadil, a member of the CPDM Central Committee and brother to Oumarou Fadil. Zang said Fadil used such tricks to oust him as Section President.

But the Reorganisation Commission argued that they had no choice but to accept the Fadils’ offer, since none of their family member was contesting for the elections and that there was no evidence that the family was sponsoring any list in the elections.

Many CPDM militants in Wouri III are now hoping that Njuete’s outing will put an end to the internal crisis as elections loom.