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As Kondengui Beckons: 4 Dissociate Selves From 15 Chiefs Smelling Kondengui 

By Bouddih Adams

Photo used for illustrative purpose

Photo used for illustrative purpose

Four out of the 15 Fako Chiefs who begged President Paul to cede them Buea University land to give their creditors or go to prison, have dissociated themselves from the group.

A letter dated October 3, addressed to the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Fako, signed and stamped by the four Chiefs: John Ndive Mbella of Bova I, Isume Eseye Nyoki of Bova II, Emmanuel Ndongo Molonge of Bonakanda and Bernard Lieti Wokoko of Woteva, stated that they were not consulted nor did they contribute to the letter addressed to President Biya.

The letter, titled: “Reaction to Publications by The Post Newspaper, page 8, No 01760 of Friday, September 23, 2016, and The Rambler Newspaper No 0023 of Monday, September 26, 2016 in Relation to a Petition on Land Matters by some Chiefs of Buea,” is filed through the Divisional Officer of Buea and copied to the Governor of the Southwest Region.

The letter reads: “We, the undersigned Chiefs of the above villages humbly dissociate ourselves from the above publications.We were never consulted and we never contributed in any way to the captions on the above publications. Our villages are just cited.

As auxiliaries of the administration, we are patient and continue to be loyal to State institutions and the CPDM party.”

Asked whether they do not have land problems, and whether the authors did not mean good for them to have more land,Chief Lieti Wokoko of Woteva, speaking for the rest of them, asserted that: “We may have problems, but for the letter, we were not consulted and were not part of the letter.

Our names might have been mentioned because we applied for land, but, we were not consulted for the letter,” averred Chief Lieti Wokoko.

Wokoko stormed our office alongside Chief Ndive Mbella of Bova I Village.