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Asapngu, Ndobegang Clash At Fru Ndi’s Residence 

 By Maxcel Fokwen

Former Mayor of Kumba II Council and SDF National Organising Secretary, Ferdinand Asapngu, and his successor, Martin Forcha Ndobegang, reportedly clashed at Fru Ndi’s residence in Bamenda over the weekend. 
The Post learnt that both of them had, on the weekend of October 17 to 19, made secret visits to the SDF chieftain, only to bump into each other, offering an opportunity for the Chairman to live the conflict between the two and the problems rocking the party in Kumba.
Asapngu and Ndobegang, The Post learnt, had apparently gone for an image-cleansing mission to put themselves in the good books of the National Chairman.
Speaking to The Post on October 24, Ndobegang explained that issues within the SDF party remain private and can only be discussed within the party and not the media.
He averred that he has no problem with anybody, but declined commenting further on allegations that the Chairman ordered his vanguards to send him away.
The Kumba II Mayor is reported to have gone on his knees, begging for mercy, but Ndobegang refused to comment on that report.
Another version of the visit claimed that, the SDF chieftain had a nice time discussing party issues with the duo, but later asked Asapngu to excuse him to have a brief private chat with his successor.
Meantime, militants of the party remain divided over what actually transpired at the Bamenda meeting, given the many versions that are emerging.
Attempts to get Asapngu comment on the issue were fruitless.
Controversy Over Contribution To Mbonda’s Burial 
In the wake of the challenges facing the SDF in Kumba, party militants remain at crossroads over reports sent to the National Chairman regarding the contribution of SDF Mayors of Kumba I, II and III for the burial of Stephen Mbonda Motia, former YCPDM National President.
While Fru Ndi is said to have no problem with the contribution of the Mayors, the headache among the militants is to fish out the persons who reported the matter to the Chairman.
Mayors, MPs, Councillors Summoned To Ntarinkon
As a result of the Asapngu/Ndobegang clash at the Chairman’s residence, The Post learnt that all the SDFCouncillors, MPs and Mayors have been summoned to appear before Fru Ndi on November 15.
The meeting, according to our informant, is to enable the party Chair make a scan of the problems rocking the party in Kumba. The meeting is equally expected to serve as an occasion for the militants and the Chairman to thank each other since the September 30, 2013 twin elections.
It is also expected that the meeting will be a platform for opponents to face each other and seek for a solution to the problem in Kumba II. The Kumba II conflict, The Post gathered remains one of the hurdles to the smooth functioning of the party in Meme.

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