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Ateh Bazore Launches New Album 

By Yerima Kini Nsom — Musician cum journalist, Ateh Bazore, will launch his sixth album in Yaounde on October 6. The Minister of Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, will chair the ceremony at the Chamber of Agriculture hall. 


Ateh Bazore told The Post he is launching an album of eight songs and four instrumentals.
The album titled “Kul-atem” (be patient) is a collection of songs on marital issues. The first track, “No Shame”, urges couples to keep the flame of their marital love burning and should not be ashamed to profess love to their partners no matter the circumstances. In other words, the artist is calling for a strong and undying demonstration of love between married couples.

The second piece titled in his native Kom language “Kul-atem” is an appeal to wedded couples going through trying moments to exercise infinite patience because it is difficult to find a partner who has everything that one wants. “To understand each other and succeed in your marital life you must exercise patience,” sings Ateh Bazor. Kfa-gi (Come Back Home) is a song that portrays a distressed husband calling on his divorced wife to come back to his matrimonial home.

As the rhythms of Kfa-gi fades out, another piece, “Njang Fumbom” emerges with the lyrics of the typical njang genre of the Northwest Region. “Mama” is another title in the album. It is virtually a doxology for the African woman for the role she plays in building the society which is virtually not recognised. Ikfwa-ilah (Go Home) is a clarion call for youth to shun rural exodus, go back to the village and embark on agriculture.

It cautions them to do so in order to avoid the nation killing and prevailing vices like banditry and prostitution. Another thrilling piece, “Say One Word” depicts a man urging a girl to make a statement that would lead them to a romantic bliss. The launching of the album will be animated by many other musicians including Bobe Chifang, Amour Sourire, Tikumdi and others of Boyo origin.

First published in The Post print edition no 01378

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