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Attorneys General, State Counsels Can Be Sued For Wrongful Detention 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

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The Attorney General of the Littoral Region, Justice Jean Claude Awala, says State Counsels and Attorney Generals are not above the Law.

According to him, the aforementioned legal experts can be sued for wrongful detention by victims of such acts.

“The wrongful detention of any person ordered by a State Counsel or an Attorney General, constitute a violation or a breach of the Law by the authority that is supposed to ensure the strict respect of the Law. This constitutes a serious offence,” Justice Awala said.

The Littoral Attorney General was speaking in Douala recently, while presiding over the official installation of the new State Counsel of the Ndokotti Magistrate Court, Yap Abdou.

He cautioned the new State Counsel to always ask for legal justification, if he is ordered by a higher authority to cause the arrest or detention of any person.

“You must ensure that such a higher person is acting within the Law.”

The new State Counsel of the Ndokotti Magistrate Court was further advised to avoid the wrongful detention of any person, bearing in mind that the law must be respected at all times.

“Cameroon is a State of Law, you should always bear in mind that the Law is not a respecter of any person including a State Counsel. Always bear in mind that a victim of wrongful detention has the right to sue the State Counsel.

The State Counsel was equally called upon to go out regularly and visit police stations in his jurisdiction to ensure that there is nobody in detention, who according to the Law, ought not to be in cell.

Yap Abdou was also called upon to fight against wrongful detention of persons by the police.
Justice Awala also exhorted Yap Abdou to fight corruption among his collaborators and the police.

“Douala III and IV municipalities which are within your jurisdiction have some quarters with notorious crime wave. One of your priorities is to fight against criminal activities in the two highly populated municipalities,” he said.

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