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Atwood Oceanics Rescues Batoke, Wovia, Botaland Gov 

By Bruno Che — Atwood Oceanics Inc, a leading offshore drilling company, recently handed over rehabilitated structures and computers plus other didactic material to Batoke, Wovia and Botaland Government Schools. 

The beneficiary schools received the donation at the Batoke Chief’s Palace. A delighted Chief Otto Molungu of Batoke, in reaction, thanked Atwood Oceanics for the donation. “Investing in children is securing a better future for our nation,” Chief Otto Molungu intimated.

Chief Otto exhorted other companies to emulate the example of Atwood Oceanics. He revealed that before the Atwood Oceanics intervention, the schools had no windows and shutting, barely patched walls and were in a deplorable state. Atwood installed metal window protectors, fixed and installed door frames and shuttings, plastered and painted the schools and then supplied computers, books, footballs and volley balls and other items. 

An elite representing the beneficiary community presented a vote of thanks to Atwood Oceanics, through its ooficials, Michael and Ross, promising that the classrooms renovated and the other gifts would be used judiciously. The Atwood Oceanics officials intimated that: “One thing we wanted to do as visitors was to give back to the community and develop an initiative in order to encourage the future of tomorrow.”      

As part of its policy, Atwood Oceanics, which is engaged in the drilling and completion of exploration and development wells for the global oil and gas industry, believes in the welfare of every community where they operate. “Whenever they are in any community for whatever reason, they believe in giving to that community,” avers a press statement. 

A release issued before the handing over of the rehab schools plus computers and other didactic material, stated: “Atwood Oceanics has been particularly touched by the state of the primary schools in the immediate community where they have been based for the above-mentioned purpose.

The conditions under which the children study there cannot be ignored. For this reason, this company has decided to touch the lives of children by offering to repair the classrooms and provide basic amenities as well as some multi-media equipment so as to provide a comfortable environment for studies, to modernise their system of learning and recreation.”

Atwood Oceanics Operations Manager, Ferdinand Anomah, disclosed that the company worked closely with Caba Business Services, which is a Sub-regional manpower and ground logistics support services provider, to achieve its enterprise in Cameroon up to the refurbishment and procurements to the schools. Atwood Oceanics Inc deported one of its oil rigs, Atwood Hunter, to the repair yard in Limbe late in December 2013 for repairs. “The reasons for the selection of this location are varied.

During this period till date, when they have completed the maintenance and are about to leave, they have recruited many Cameroonians to work in different positions of expertise and assist in the maintenance of their oil rig. Besides the employment opportunity this operation created for some Cameroonians, the greater achievement is the great experience they also gained and their exposure to oil and gas operations which will empower them to become domain experts tomorrow,” the release stated.

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