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Awing Fon Urges Diaspora Subjects To Join NACDA 

By Thomas Tantoh

The Fon of Awing, HRH Fon Fozo II, has called on all Awing sons and daughters in the Diaspora, to join the Ndong Awing Cultural Development Association, NACDA.

Awing Fon and subjects in USA

Speaking recently at the inaugural ceremony of the first-ever NACDA-North America Convention at the Viking center in Maryland, the Fon told delegates that NACDA has been and remains the main engine behind Awing’s rise to prominence since the mid-sixties. He said that, without the active participation of all the sons and daughters of Awing, NACDA will be a dead institution.

He observed that the exposure of Awing elements to the outside world has enabled them to gain plenty of knowledge, which, he believes, the people back home are ready to tap from and improve on the agricultural sector in order to better the living standards of thousands of Awing inhabitants. “Knowing that you always do what ordinary folks regard as impossible, we shall welcome, with open arms, any modern equipment that you may want to introduce into our agricultural system,” the Fon said.             

Making reference to the high crime wave plaguing most cities in the world, especially the US, Fon Fozo II exhorted his subjects in North America to preserve the good image of Awing by always respecting the laws of the country that is “your second home.” He further called on all Awing elements in the Diaspora to ensure that, “the bonds that unite Awing people together must be preserved”.

And the Fon will add: “I call on every one of you to use the auspices of NACDA-North America through the council of elders (pekeums) to peacefully resolve any issues among you, especially marital problems, without resorting to the courts and other State institutions.”

He informed his subjects that, with the fast-growing population of Awing village, now at 55,000 as per the 2005 census, and coupled with enormous challenges, he decided to stop his engineering contract business to focus his attention on the administrative and traditional duties of his Fondom. Welcoming the Fon and other dignitaries to the convention, NACDA host President of the Washington Metropolitan area, Jacob Mbafor, underscored the importance of the Fon’s presence at the two-day reunion.

Mbafor held that, the Fon’s presence in the US will motivate every Awing element in the Diaspora to contribute to the development of Awing Village.              NACDA-North America is supposed to function exclusively for charitable, health and educational reasons in consonance with the framework of Section 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue code.

A four-member executive was thus elected, headed by Simon Cho Nji. Installing the executive, Fon Fozo II called for selfless and committed service to enable the association achieves its goals. A gala night, among other activities, crowned the Convention, featuring a special bottle dance display by the Minnesota delegation and a fashion parade by the Awings from Georgia. The next Convention is billed for 2013 in Minnesota.

Meantime, during his stay in the US, Fon Fozo II also visited the US Department of State where he was received by the Chief Public Affairs Bureau of African Affairs, Bill Strassberger, the Director of Office of Central African Affairs, Cynthia H. Akuetteh, the Deputy Director of Central African Affairs, C. Pat Alsup and the country officer for Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, Nico Van Dijck.

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