Sunday, August 2, 2020
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Ayaba Workers Hail Director For Salvaging Hotel 

By Chris Mbunwe

Workers of the state-controlled Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda have praised the efforts of the Director General, Zacharie Doumane, for giving the structure a much-needed face-lift.

Speaking Thursday, February 9, during the traditional presentation of New Year wishes to the Management of Ayaba, the Staff Representative, Daniel Nkwenti, said the hotel can now boost of its own water and electricity schemes that runs throughout all seasons.

He said the water and electricity schemes have been extended to neighbours such as Eglise Presbyteriane du Cameroun and very poor homes.

“We can now say that we are autonomous,” Nkwenti said. He congratulated the Director General for the payment of all the salaries and benefits to 35 workers to the tune of FCFA 109, 000,000 million, renovation of the hotel, purchase of new chairs, various modern catering services, modern TV flat screens and more.

However, despite all these good works, Nkwenti implored the Director of Ayaba to refill all vacant posts, ensure that newly recruited workers sign contracts and provide transportation for workers who close late at night.

“Mr. Director, most importantly, Ayaba workers since 1996 to 2005 have never been paid family allowances by the National Social Insurance Fund whereas, Ayaba does not owe them any franc,” said Nkwenti.

He said the issue is compromising the future of some of them who will soon go on retirement if not redressed.

In response, Doumane thanked the workers for wishing him well and exhorted them to remain focused and work as a team.

“If we have achieved what you are recounting today, it is due to teamwork and you know so well that this hotel has regained its reputation because of your sacrifices. There is more coming to Ayaba, and if you continue in the same spirit, by next year, we shall be swimming in achievements.

“Ayaba Hotel, I have been told, is now at an appreciable level to our customers and foreign tourists who keep streaming in every day. The lawns of this hotel will soon be transformed to reflect high standard hotels found only in Europe and America,” Doumane remarked.

According to him, Ayaba is not only for the rich, but also for the poor, because “everyone has a place in Ayaba.”

Gifts to management and exchange of pleasantries crowned the day.