Sunday, November 18, 2018
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By Michael Ndi — The president of the Moslem Students Association, Bamenda, (MUSAB) who also doubles as an Islamic cleric, Sundze Mamah Natari, has disclosed that most Moslem women dread delivering in the maternities because they are afraid to be attended to by male midwives.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter at his MUSAB office in Bamenda, Sundze disclosed that studies have proven that most moslem women prefer delivering at home where they would be attended to by hired female midwives or traditional midwives. 

“Our women are covered by the Koran which stipulates that a woman’s nakedness should only be known to her husband or another woman,” he said.

Because of the rampant delivery at home, the Islamic clergy regretted that many moslem women die because of complications resulting from inexperienced or amateur midwives who attend to them during delivery.

In order to mitigate the situation, Sundze said his association is lobbying for funds to set up Islamic maternities in the Moslem communities in the North West Region. “This is because pregnant women are not allowed to choose the type of midwife they want to attend to them during delivery,” he opined.

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