Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Bafut Fon Honours The Post 

By Lydie Yuri

CameroonPostline.com — The annual Bafut Fon Dance Cultural Festival, traditionally called “ABIN”, that kicked off on December 13 came to a close on December 17 with highlights of traditional rites and decorations of sons and daughters of Bafut.

The Post Bda Bureau Chief, Chris Mbunwe on left of Fon. Abumbi (M) and other Journalists after tradtional decoration

Besides sons and daughters of Bafut, Journalists who have, for several years, reported socio-cultural economic and political activities of Bafut Fondom objectively, were also recognized with traditional titles. Among them were The Post’s Bamenda Bureau Chief, Chris Mbunwe, who was decorated with the “Nguu-Bufor” title.

At the esplanade of the Bafut Fon’s Palace where the activities took place, His Majesty Fon Abumbi II, flanked by notables from the “Kwifor” (highest traditional authority of the land) and Bafut Takumbeng, performed the rituals in strict respect of the traditional and solemnity.

In a message of thanks to Bafut internal and external elite, Fon Abumbi said he had the singular pleasure to decorate not only Bafut sons and daughters who have tirelessly contributed to the development of Bafut, but also Journalists with various top titles of the Fondom for objective reporting. “For my 40 years on the throne, I had a nasty experience last year when one young woman came with a group of fellows to Bafut calling himself Prophet and desecrated the shrine.

The Press reported the incident objectively and I have over the years heard and seen the press promote the culture of Bafut.  That is why I distinguished, Chris Mbunwe of The Post, Richard Nde Lanjong of The Herald Tribune, Clement Azeh of CRTV Bamenda with traditional titles of “Nguu-Bufor”, which is the base of Bafut tradition, with a red feather each.

I also decorated women of the media like Grace Ngwafor of Abakwa FM Radio, Mary Lum Asonga Nkwenti, and Carine Kometa, all of CRTV, with traditional bags and cups  as “Mbafor” titles-meaning they have easy access to the palace and should hunt for the good of the Bafut Fondom,” Fon Abumbi explained. Speaking to The Post, Chris Mbunwe expressed gratitude to Fon Abumbi, and said he will jealously protect the title of “Nguu-Bufor”, which is the equivalence of the “Nformi” title in Wimbum land of Donga Mantung Division.

This year’s “ABIN” marks the 600th anniversary celebration of the Bafut Fondom, one of the oldest in the Northwest that serves as the best tourist attraction in the Region. Fon Abumbi, as a First Class Fon, has kept the tradition of his people intact. He will be launching a book on the Bafut culture mid next year. The project is estimated to cost FCFA 15 million. This year’s annual dance was witnessed by SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, foreign dignitaries and local administration.

First published in The Post print edition no 01399