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Bakossis In Finland Create Association 

By Orock Eta

People from Kupe Muanenguba Division living in Finland, June 7, 2009 created a branch of Bakossi Area Cultural and Development Association, BACDAF. Members of BACDAF elected seven persons to run the association with Benjamin Ntoko as pioneer President.

Ntoko: Pioneer BACDAF President

Talking to the Post, Ntoko said the initiative came up when they discovered that the Bakossis had a good number living in Finland. According to him, this gave them the drive to come up with a forum to keep them abreast with developments back at home.

The association’s first meeting, The Post learnt, took place in Helsinki, capital of Finland, with an impressive turnout of people clad in the ‘sanja’ regalia, white shirt and the red cap to concretise their aspirations. At the end of the ceremony, the President thanked members and urged all to put hands on deck to enable their baby association expand and realise their dreams.

Following a release from the President, the association is aimed at fostering unity and solidarity among Bakossis living in Finland, promote the Bakossi culture and to assist in the sustainable development of the Bakossi area and people back in Cameroon.
The event was crowned with refreshment.

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