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Bakweri Chiefs Should Stop Double-dealing – Chief Monono 

By Elvis Tah

The Chief of Great Soppo Buea, Etina Monono, has affirmed claims that some Bakweri Chiefs have been enriching themselves by selling native lands. "We the Bakweri chiefs should not be double-dealing… Land has suddenly become a thing that the chiefs are using and selling indiscriminately which is not correct," he said while speaking to the press at the end of his 10th Anniversary celebration to mark his ascension to the throne.   


Chief Etina Monono (R), with Thierry Mobega, 1st Assistant DO for Buea

He said it is but normal that some Bakweri chiefs will not agree with the SDO’s recent accusation of selling land, but emphasised that any land surrendered to the village is supposed to be shared to the villagers or families and not for sale. "I have not had any land surrender; I have been working with CDC, but if I do, the land is to be given to the natives or the families. It is not for sale and double selling. We as chiefs, we have to work towards eradicating this bad behaviour amongst us," he said.

Monono, in an earlier message, described Great Soppo as a cosmopolitan neighbourhood that harbours people from diverse extraction. He said Great Soppo can be conveniently referred to as ‘Cameroon in miniature’. "I want all the people of Great Soppo to be one, there should be no discrimination. If I am alive and by the time I clock another 10 years on this throne, I must have succeeded in integrate all my people of Great Soppo," the Chief said.

He thanked the Paramount Chief of Buea, SML Endeley whom he said, was strongly behind him during a succession dispute that erupted when his father, late Chief Otto Monono died.
Chief Monono appreciated the administration for its continuous support to the community, especially to victims of a ravaging fire disaster that registered heavy material damage in Great Soppo within the period that he took over the throne.

Traditional rulers with Chief Monono (3rd from R) after anniversary celebration

He said Government secondary and nursery schools in Great Soppo are going on smoothly; a feasibility study for Great Soppo water project has been carried out and very soon, the project will start. Concerning the market, he said it has received approval from the Council and other donor organisations.

Meanwhile, the 1st Assistant DO of Buea, Thierry Mobega, said he had never witnessed a cultural display of such magnitude as he saw during the occasion. Mobega also thanked Nfor Tabetando for pledging to produce a budding artist who hailed from Great Soppo, a certain Princess Lynn.

The Assistant DO said: "We have two Great places in the world; Great Britain and Great Soppo. As Chief Monono promised to bring his people together; they have to be united as the United Kingdom." Mobega corroborated Chief Monono, saying that Great Soppo is facing problems concerning land. He urged Bakweri chiefs to stop selling native lands.

Great Soppo Chiefdom

Great Soppo is a second class chiefdom with a population of more than 20,000 inhabitants. It has been divided into 16 quarters headed by quarter heads and eight out of the 15 quarter heads are non-Bakweri. For administrative convenience, the village has 20 traditional councils and a council of seven elders.

Unity In Diversity

The anniversary celebration was attended by chiefs from the Southwest and the Northwest Regions. They include: Nfor Tabetando of Bachuo-Ntai, Chief Nobert Mbile, Paramount Chief of Batanga, Chief SML Endeley, Paramount Chief of Buea, Chief David Molinge of Upper Muea, Chief Namata Elangwe, Paramount Chief of Bakundu, Chief Sikod of Pinyin village of the Northwest Region and a host of other dignitaries.

The occasion was spiced by a sketch from the popular Musinga Drama Group, local artists as well as traditional dances from the Northwest and Southwest Region, prominent amongst them was the Meta Cultural and Development Association, MECUDA.

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