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Bali Farmers Receive Free Fertilizers 

By Chris Mbunwe

CameroonPostline.com — Second cycle maize farmers in Bali Sub-Division recently received close to 40 bags of fertilizers from the National Employment Fund to boost their production.

Speaking at the Municipal grandstand in Bali, the President of the Bali Confederation of Producers, Transformation and Marketing Organisation, Gilbert Nyamndi, expressed gratitude to the National Employment Fund for the choice of Bali as a pilot test zone and promised to ensure farmers payback the loan (in the form of fertilizers) on record time.  

He said Bali cultivates maize twice a year and the yields are often not the best due to lack of farm inputs like fertilizers. “We have suffered for long and, at least, we are smiling today because we are going to produce more not only for our families but for external markets,” Nyamndi said. The Divisional Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development for Mezam, Martin Awondu, told Bali farmers not to allow any land go fallow. 

“Bali is surrounded by hungry neighbours who need food all the time, the fertilizers you are receiving today shall enable you intensify maize production in order to fight poverty,” said the Delegate. He said it is possible for Bali farming groups to overcome subsistence farming so that during the next harvest season in December, they can market their produce in Gabon, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea with ease. Awondu warned farmers not to sell the fertilizers as has been the case in some other Divisions.

Given that fertilizers have become very expensive for local farmers to afford, the representative of the Northwest Regional Director of the National Employment Fund, Sally Mbinde, said “the fertilizer project is a yearly support programme meant to assist farming groups that have been trained on how to apply the fertilizers and repay the loan promptly.  “Our hope is that you respect the payment in installments so as to help other farmers in Bali benefit as well,” said Mbinde.

Both the representative of the Divisional Officer of Bali and the Mayor, said Bali farmers were humbled because the second cycle maize production shall realise great yields. According to them, the construction of the Bamenda-Enugu highway and the creation of the University of Bamenda will create more avenues for the marketing of corn.

First published in The Post print edition No. 1366

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