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Bamali Fon Deposed 

By Jeff Ngawe Yufenyu

The Fon of Bamali Village, Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest Region, Idriss Nopu Ndouafoua II, has been deposed. The decision to depose him was taken recently by the highest decision making body of that village, commonly known as the "Ngumba." The Post learnt that the next Fon of Bamali will be crowned on December 23.

In a chat with The Post in Bamali on Tuesday, December 8, one of the Ngumba members, Thomas Tekuketang, said after the coronation on December 23, the new Fon will be nurtured for seven days after which he will be presented to the public. As to who will be crowned Fon on December 23, Tekuketang said the identity of the person, for now, remains a secret.

Some of the reasons for Fon Ndouafoua’s dethronement, as cited by the Ngumba member, include violation of Bamali tradition and culture, seizure and sale of land, grabbing of people’s wives and his unilateral dismissal of village notables.

Tekuketang said, for the six years that Fon Ndouafoua was on the throne, he contributed to under develop rather than develop the village. He said the Fon sold pipes that were meant for the installation of pipe -borne water in the village. "He sold the pipes and put the money in his private pocket and the village has remained without potable water," Tekuketang said.

Other people in Bamali who spoke to The Post said the Fon ruled the village like a dictator. They mentioned the seizure of people’s "raffia palm bushes" while others talked of corporal punishment he meted on villagers.

The member of Ngumba said the immediate cause of the Fon’s dethronement was the death of five children of Government School Mbetpaw, Bamali, who were struck by lightning.
According to Tekuketang, various findings at different levels point an accusing finger at the Fon for sacrificing the five children by mystical means.

The Post made several attempts to get to Fon Ndouafoua II by telephone, but without success.
It should be recalled that similar cases of dethronement of Fons and enthronement of rival Fons have been noticed in the Northwest Region in recent years. The cases of Babanki, Balikumbat and Banya in Njikwa, readily come to mind.

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