Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Bambalang Fon To Prosecute Anti-development Subjects 

By Peterkins Manyong

Fon Kevin Shometa of Bambalang, Ngoketunjia Division, has announced that all those who fail to contribute to the development of Bambalang (Mbaw-Yakum) will be arrested, detained and prosecuted.

Fon Shometa was addressing this year’s meeting of the Mbaw-Yakum Development and Cultural association, MYDCA, on Saturday, October 9. The Fon seemed angry that many of his subjects can at a single sitting consume huge quantities of but would not pay the MYDCA levy. He said the traditional secret society (Ngumba) will start by mounting road blocks to trap defaulters.

Those who evade the checkpoints would be reported to the Ndop administration which will in turn, be invited to Mbaw-Yakum to effect arrests. The defaulters would be detained until they pay the levy and fine. To get defaulters living out of the village, he said, letters will be written to the administration of the towns and villages hosting them. The Fon said it was unfair that these defaulters are using roads and other facilities made available, thanks to the contribution of others.

He mocked villagers who have no marriage certificates, but sue for divorce whenever they are not satisfied with their spouses. He equally ridiculed villages who file suits in court claiming ownership of land when they don’t have land certificates. He advised that all such matters should be taken to the customary court.

Addressing MYDCA, the Fon warned against disorder and embezzlement, acts that bedeviled its last executive. He urged children to respect their parents and elders, lamenting that youths become arrogant when they become rich. In an earlier address, Edward Ngalah, President of MYDCA, expressed satisfaction that peace, order and unity now reigns in Mbaw-Yakum.

He reminded fellow villagers that they didn’t choose to be born in Mbaw-Yakum and that they were bound to make better the village which is already good and there was no better way of doing so than by contributing to its development. The meeting ended with awards of certificates of honour to deserving Bambalang indigenes and with the Fon, although a youth, chosen to head the council of elders and the steering committee of MYDCA. Fon Shometa II is a final-year student of the University of Buea.

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