Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Bambalang People Hail Biya For Appointing Ghogomu 

By Peterkins Manyong

The National Exco of the Mbaw-Yakum (Bambalang) Development Association, MYDCA, has heaped encomiums on President Paul Biya for appointing their son, Professor Paul Ghogomu Mingo, as Chief of Cabinet in the Prime Minister’s office.

The panegyric is contained in a motion of support and appreciation dated July 21, and signed by Edward Ngalah and Abel Ndilupeh, MYDCA, President and Secretary General, respectively.
The statement, issued after an extraordinary meeting at the Bambalang Palace, following the announcement, views the appointment as an appreciation of Professor Ghogomu’s competence and a determination by the Head of State to translate into concrete reality his greater achievement programme.

As proof of their gratitude, the release promises that the people of Mbaw-Yakum will remain steadfast in the pursuit of peace and national unity, as well as focus on development and the preservation of their political gains. It ends with a solemn commitment to support President Biya and Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

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