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Bambui Fon Urges Subjects To Be Development-oriented 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Fon Angarfor Momboh III of Bambui has invited his kith and kin in and out of Cameroon to think about the development prospects of their village. This was the gist of the annual and rotatory meeting of the Bambui Cultural and Development Association, BACUDA that took place in Buea, recently.

Fon of Bambui (L) empowers Abimi (R) as the Tanteh of Buea

Fon Angarfor said the development concerns of the Bambui people include the continuous revival of their cultural values, especially the smooth organization of the annual dance, which is currently being prepared; the educational standards of their children, the health situation of the villagers and the infrastructural development.

"My people cannot leave the development of our village to outsiders only. A lot is currently being done in Bambui in terms of infrastructural development and more. But I do not see the significant input of the Bambui sons and daughters in most of what is happening. Especially the elites in the Diaspora, I challenge them to also think about their ancestral home. They should take action now or it may be too late. Nobody should be left out in this endeavour," Fon Angarfor said.

The Fon said he enjoined his counterpart, the Paramount Chief of Buea, SML Endeley, to treat his Bambui children as his (Chief Endeley) and look after their interest in Buea. "We also talked about the essence of good working relationship and the need for the people of Buea and the Bambui people resident in Buea to be in harmony all the time for the betterment of our country," he added.

Fon Angarfor empowered one of his subjects, Andrew Abimi, Buea-based CAMTEL official, as his "Tanteh" (representative) in Buea. Accepting his new status, Abimi drank palm wine tapped in Bambui. "This royal cup from the Bambui Fondom has moved through thirty leaders. It is the symbol of royal continuity and authority. So, Abimi has the authority of the Bambui people to be their eye and ear in Buea," Fon Angarfor said.

Fon Angarfor told Abimi that the responsibility placed on him is a call to serve and show the light to the Bambui people in and around Buea. "His goals will be achieved if he is honest in his operations, does not rely on unverifiable information and should not be taken hostage by any group of persons or an individual. His actions should be based on the truth. That is what saves us as rulers," he advised.

Meanwhile, Tanteh Abimi reminded the Bambui people in Buea to continue showing their deep sense of respect for one another and spread their hospitality to all they meet and their host. "Home is where you live, so my Bambui brothers and sisters should join in the development of Buea and not forgetting their ancestral home – Bambui." Bambui Fondom is found in Tubah Subdivision, Mezam Division, Northwest Region. Bambui is the headquarters of Tubah. It has a population of about 25,000 people.

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