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Bamenda Film & Arts Festival Holds July 15-21 

By Lydie Yuri — The Bamenda Film and Arts Festival will run from July 15-21, in selected halls and cafes in the Bamenda Municipality.  

The festival, which is in its second edition, seeks to articulate local, national and international issues through film and arts.  It is a lineup of the most sought after box office films in Cameroon and abroad that clearly address related issues like governance, child trafficking, the respect of human dignity, discrimination and respect of international conventions and protocols.

Being the only film festival in this part of the country, the Bamenda event promises to be an awareness raising medium. Colbert Gwain, Co-Founder of a Common Future Production and organizer of the Bamenda Human Rights Films and Arts Festival, says the festival shall gather over 100 students to participate in drawings on human rights.

He said these drawings shall later be displayed at a gallery on a university campus throughout the festival period. Through this, students shall be brought to promote, defend and raise awareness on human rights issues in Cameroon, especially rape and sexual assault in the school milieu.  

The festival uses arts and film as a creative tool to disseminate knowledge and to influence public opinion on human rights issues. The festival shall screen some 18 selected films which address violence against women through non-discrimination to the upholding of human dignity in all its forms.  

The arts festival shall complement the film screenings as it seeks to ignite and instill the culture of human rights in the youth, especially in the school milieu, as schools are at the centre of every community. The Bamenda festival reaches out to the audience as most of the screenings shall be on various community halls, cafes and university centre in the Bamenda Municipality. Each screening shall be followed by a panel discussion and questions and answers from the audience on salient points.  

According to Gwain, the objectives of the festival are to improve the quality of Human Rights awareness and knowledge among the population of the Northwest Region. It shall also promote the core values of the International community’s human rights principles of a world free of discrimination, conflict and human rights violations through film festivals.  

The festival aims at encouraging many more Cameroonian film makers and producers to inculcate human rights as key themes in the development of their films as an efficient and effective communicative vehicle in human rights education and sensitisation.  

The 18 selected films for the festival are; Windows @ War and Wildlife Palavar produced and directed by Samuel Chop; Vice &Virtue and Asoni directed by Sylvester Keka; Tears from an Angel by Ihehon; Perverted Angel and Une Vie Une Histoire by Alfred Amandy; Elemo by Nchoutu Rami; The Evidence by Ngato Noutosii; Before the Sunrise by Gilbert Agbor; Your Mother My Wife by Cletus Molimi; The Woman’s World by Delphine Itambi; Atonement Calabash by Titus Akuro; Pension by James Nyincho; The Storm by CHRAC; Thinking Out of the Man Box by Anthony Porter; Rape and Incest produced by Aunties Association and the German Technical Cooperation (GiZ).

A Common Future is a leading national organisation that works to transform lives and build common frontiers by proposing alternative models of masculinity that are not in opposition to models of femininity and that allow men and women to share love, decision-making and reproductive health issues.

The festival is organised in collaboration with the Netherlands based Movies That Matter, the international Network of Human  Rights Film Festivals, the Northwest  Regional Delegation of Arts  and Culture, the Bamenda City Council and some local organisations.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01357

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