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Bamenda Regional Hospital Ranked Lowest In Governance, Sanitation 

By Chris Mbunwe

CameroonPostline.com — Results of evaluation of patients’ satisfaction as concerns the treatment they receive in public health institutions in Bamenda conducted recently has placed Bamenda Regional Hospital last.

The Bamenda Regional Hospital came fifth in a survey that compared services in five hospitals and health centres in Bamenda.

Speaking at a press conference that took place at the Bamenda City Council library, the organisers of the survey, Action Foundation CIG (AFCIG) who are executing a health governance initiative, administered by Catholic Relief Service, CRS, on behalf of the World Bank dubbed “Your Health, Your Say,” said the situation after one month of evaluation had shown some improvement as far as sanitation and good governance are concerned at the Bamenda Regional Hospital.

“Your Health, Your Say” aims at educating the population on health governance, denouncing  corruption in public hospitals, seeking to increase population participation in governance, so  that they improve on the quality of service delivery by combating malpractices in public hospitals and promoting best practices  as well as providing forums through which clients can be heard.

The pilot hospitals and health centres where “Your Health, Your Say” is conducting surveys are; Bamenda Regional Hospital, Mankon Medical Health Centre, Azire Integrated Health Centre (Former Preventive), the Mulang Integrated Health Centre and Atuakum Health Centre.

According to the ranking, the Medical Health Centre Mankon came first, while Atuakum Health Centre, Azire and Mulang Health Centres followed second, third and fourth, respectively.

The AFCIG Coordinator, Ngasa Nzikie, said the evaluation done by clients in hospitals and health centres was carried out without malice and the results are a true reflection of services in these institutions.

“This is not an evaluation of Action Foundation AFCIG, but of the users of these services whom we are bound to offer just the best for quality, ensuring good governance reigns, so that our hospitals are corruption free,” Ngassa intimated. 

Ngassa said the impact of “Your Health, Your Say” project is that the laboratory technician of Mulang Health Centre has been replaced because of malpractices, the toilets at the Atuakom Integrated Health Centre are being rehabilitated and provisions are being made for beddings at the Mankon Health Centre.

Some issues identified in hospitals revealed that patients at the Bamenda Regional Hospital do not feel safe because of thieves harassing them at night; Mankon Health Centre had no beddings, long wait to be received by doctors, and Atuakum Health Centre’s toilet is in a terrible state.

Results were proclaimed in the presence of Joseph Ngong, Chief of Bureau Bamenda District Health Service and Linus Che, Chairman Bamenda Health Committee.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01361


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