Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Bamenda Schools 

By Chris Mbunwe

Over 50 Public Primary Schools in Bamenda II Subdivision, on Tuesday, September 9, were given “Minimum packages” of pedagogic materials to ensure smooth learning and teaching process for the 2014/2015 academic year. 
Head-teachers were handed registers, lesson note books, chalk, pens, pencils, ink and others, to be used only in schools as prescribed.
Describing the exercise as timely, the Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Fidelis Balick Awah, said the Council is only complementing Government efforts in making sure that what is meant for the schools is distributed equitably and on good time so that the children can perform well. He regretted the fact that they only get to receive a token of FCFA 5.063 million to purchase materials for the entire Bamenda II Council, which is too small, compared to what other municipalities receive in the North and Southwest regions. 
The Mayor added that the Ministry of Basic Education has persistently been reducing the amount meant for this exercise, when “we are crying that the amount is insufficient”. For example, Balick said, in 2012/2013, the amount from the Ministry of Basic Education dropped by FCFA 850,000.
Despite the drop in the amount for pedagogic materials, the Mayor said, reports from the inspectorate of Basic Education for Bamenda II indicate that, the schools performed so well at both Common Entrance and First School Leaving Certificate Examination last year. He exhorted the teachers to put to good use what they receive, for the benefit of the children.
One of the beneficiaries, Sama Galega, Head of Government Bilingual Primary School Ngomgham II, lauded the efforts of the Mayor of Bamenda II saying that, unlike in the past when they used to receive these materials very late, the Council has kept its promise by distributing on time.
The Inspector of Basic Education for Bamenda II Subdivision, Fidelis Lawan Yuven, adviced that next year, the pedagogic materials should be handed to head-teachers at least few days to school reopening. 
“Mayor, you do not have to nurse fears because even if the teacher is transferred out of the Division after receiving the material, we will not go to sleep until he/she is brought to book”. According to him, the Minister of Basic Education is working hard to ensure the decentralisation policy for the upkeep of schools. “I will be making surprised visits to ensure that these items are not diverted,” Lawan noted.

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