Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Bandits Kill Student, Steal Bike 

By Olive Ejang Ngoh

Bandits in Bogongo near Lobe Estate, recently reportedly killed one Nayol Sonjong, a Form VI student of GBHS Ekondo Titi.The story goes that after strangling the student, the bandits disappeared with the motorcycle which Nayol was riding from Ekondi Titi.

Eyewitness said on that fateful day, Nayol who was resident in Lobe Estate of PAMOL Plantations PLC met his friend, a commercial motorcyclist (bendskin), and begged to do some joy riding around with his machine. But the student is said to have instead used the machine to transport passengers, while his friend kept searching for him to have his bike back.

At about 10 pm, it was said, three bandits hired Nayol to take them to Bogongo, a short distance from Lobe Estate, offering him FCFA 10,000 instead of the normal FCFA 1500.
Our source said the bandits allegedly stopped the rider a few meters into Bogongo, strangled him, hid his corpse inside palm refuse in the bush and disappeared with the bike.

Nayol’s parents are said to have mounted a search for their son until after three days when PAMOL workers discovered the boy’s decayed corpse in the palm bush. Ekondo Titi Council workers later took the corpse to the Lobe Estate cemetery for burial. Motorcycle riders have lamented the increasing insecurity in Ekondo Titi Sub-division, irrespective of an Army camp there.

They have appealed to the forces of law and order to open investigation in the matter to save the population from the claws of bandits.Talking to The Post, a bendskin, Elvis Molinge, said even after Nayol’s death, bandits ambushed another man who was on his way to Bekora and wanted to kill him and steal his motorcycle.

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