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Bangolan Notable Murdered In Cold Blood 

By Chris Mbunwe

Northwest Governor, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique

Northwest Governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique

A notable of Bangolan in Ngoketunjia Division, Tata Forkeng, 86, was, Friday August 12, at about 10 pm found dead in his bed.

The Fonof Bangolan, Isaac Chafah XI, told The Post on Saturday, August 13 that the act as awful, unfortunate and unacceptable.

He stated that the murderers are known.

The administrators of Ngoketunjia have since Saturday been in Bangolan to investigate the matter.
Fon Chafah said a group of unruly fellows have transformed themselves into ‘Boko Haram’, kidnapping people on daily basis and killing others who do not subscribe to their doctrine of “Fon Chafah must go”.

“This incident is very unfortunate because this Forkeng is a big notable who knows the historyof this village and has been telling these boys that what they have been doing is wrong. He stood his grounds until last night when they invaded his compound, went straight to his bedroom and murdered him in front of his wife and left the corpse on the bed,” said Fon Chafah.

According to the Fon, this group of boys, who are terrorising the whole of Bangolan, see any other person who doesn’t support their move that he should be dethronedas an enemy.

It would be recalled that one Fon Salim Mbipefah, who wanted to assume authority over Bangolan Fondom, and was detained alongside others in Ndop, later died mysteriously in Foumban when they were released some months ago. Since then, the corpse of Salim Mbipefah has been abandoned in Foumban. The delay in taking his corpse to be buried in Bangolan has been a subject of controversy.

Salim Mbipefah’s supporters claim that he must be given a royal burial, because when the kingmakers conferred on him all the traditional powers a new Fon receives before public presentation, the Northwest Governor, Adophe Lele L’Afrique caused the forces of law and order to arrest him right inside the shrine.

Since the Bangolan Fondom crises erupted early this year, villagers fled to neighbouring Babessi, Baba I and Bambalang villages for fear of being arrested and tortured.

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