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Bank Employee Wins Car In Mutzig Star Promotion 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

David Minlend Mabanda, an employee of a bank in Douala, in the evening of May 17, received a phone call from a friend, who proposed that they meet and discuss a certain issue. Mabanda obliged. When the two met at Bonateki-Deido, they agreed to discuss the problem over a drink. This took them to the Rue de la Joie in Deido. But since they had a serious matter to discuss, they avoided the usually noisy central area of Rue de la Joie and settled in a bar located after Pharmacie de la Rive, where there was some quiet.  

Mabanda asked for his most cherished and refreshing beer, Mutzig. In the course of the discussion and drinking, Mabanda instinctively looked under the crown of his Mutzig lager. He saw something which looked like a prize. He, however, decided that he would go to the nearest Les Brasseries du Cameroun office the next day and find out about the mark on the inside of the crown.

Back at home that evening, Mabanda, who had been plunged into a state of unbridled anxiety, could hardly sleep. His prayer as well as his dream, was that he should be told the next day by Les Brasseries du Cameroun officials, that he had won the Toyota Yaris Sedan, that was in the special 2010 Mutzig lager promotion, that the company launched on April 1.

The following morning, Mabanda rushed to the headquarters of Les Brasseries du Cameroun and, behold, the prize under his crown materialised into his prayer and dream. He had, in fact, won a Toyota Yaris Sedan. From the state of anxiety, he was plunged into a state of ecstasy. And so did his family members and friends, when they got the good news – narrates David Babanda.

A Popular Feast – The Mutzig Spirit

In the evening of  June 2, the Littoral Regional Branch of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, led by the Branch Manager, Serge Guilemotania, organised a grand occasion for the official handing over of the Toyota Yaris car to Mabanda. The venue chosen for the occasion, was the premises of the bar at Bonateki-Deido, where Mabanda bought the Mutzig lager with the winning crown, on that blessed May 17.

Canopies were mounted, and the famous orchestra of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, as well as a number of invited artists and dancers, were on hand to provide a wonderful musical stimulus for the night. It was a spectacular and highly colorful night at Deido, that Les Brasseries organised for the entire population to be part of the special celebration of the big fallout of the 20th Anniversary of the Mutzig Star in that popular quarter in Douala.

The population happily responded, with a massive turnout, which was largely dominated by entertainment with beautiful music and the refreshing Mutzig lager. Les Brasseries also organised a singing competition at the occasion, for interested members of the public, with prizes ranging from the 20th Anniversary fabric of Mutzig Star, to polo tee-shirts, caps, free bottles of Mutzig lager and, also interestingly, roast fish. Also, the dozens of exquisite hostesses that were brought in by Les Brasseries added charm to the occasion.

The Littoral Branch Manager of Les Brasseries, in a brief speech, explained that in this special year of the 20th Anniversary celebration of Mutzig Star, the company designed a plan to also specially thank consumers of its Mutzig brand, for their confidence in the product. Les Brasseries thus put up a special Mutzig lager promotion with quite a variety of handsome prizes under the crowns.

The prizes include, among others, a number of the beautiful Toyota Yaris cars, which cost FCFA 15 million each. One of the vehicles was put out in the Mutzig lager promotion in the Littoral Region. The lucky winner, David Mabanda, was officially handed the keys of the Toyota Yaris Sedan at that grand June 2 occasion, by the visiting Regional Marketing Director at Heineken International, Bas Bakar.

Bubbling with irrepressible joy, David Mabanda who was accompanied by family members and friends, smiling from ear to ear, was all thanks to Les Brasseries du Cameroun, for having upped his life, as a loyal consumer of Mutzig lager, with the beautiful car. Mabanda highly recommended the refreshing Mutzig lager to all Cameroonians, and also urged them "to believe in the citizen-friendly enterprise, Les Brasseries du Cameroun."

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