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Bar President Appoints New Officials 

By Chris Mbunwe — The President of the Cameroon Bar Council, Barrister Francis Sama Asanga, on August 25, in Yaounde, appointed statutory officers, delegates and representatives.
Barristers Abdoul Bagui Kari and Divine Nzoh Mbokeh were appointed Secretary and Assistant, respectively in respect of the law organising practice at the Bar and the Internal Regulations of the Cameroon Bar Association for the proper functioning of the organs of the Bar.

The following were also appointed, Barrister Joseph Billigha Claude, to be assisted by Barrister Charles Njualem; Barrister Aboubakar became the representative of the Bar Council President for Adamawa, North and Far North Regions, Barrister Philoppe Olivier Memong is the Bar representative for the Centre, South and East Regions and Charles Patie Tchakoute, assisted by Barrister Dominique Nicole Fousse Dominique, is the representative for the Littoral.

Meanwhile, Barrister Laurette Noutchogouin is the representative of the Bar President in the West Region and Barrister Innocent Bonu for the Southwest. Those in charge of Special Duties are – Barrister Arlette Ngoulla Fotso, Jackson Francis Kamga and Henry Kemende Gamsey.

First published in The Post print edition no 01373

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