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Barrister Tabetando Damns Anglophone Lawyers 

*Condemns ‘Manipulators, Intruders, Insurgents & Destabilisers’

By Francis Tim Mbom

Senator Chief Tabetando is reported to have called on the people of the Southwest Region to stand firm against what he referred to as any acts of manipulation by whosoever, stating that “Cameroon remains one and indivisible state”.
Tabetando, who is a lawyer of high repute, was speaking on May 26, as Spokesperson of a delegation of all Southwest Senators who were in Limbe to hand over some equipment to the seven Councils in Fako Division.

The gathering took place at the Conference Hall of the Limbe City Council on Tuesday, May 26.
After the welcome address by the local authority and a response from Senator Chief Tabetando, all the journalists who were in the hall were ordered to leave as the meeting between the Senators, Mayors, Councillors and others proceeded behind closed doors.

Sources at the conclave told The Post that the Barrister and traditional ruler took exception to the call by Anglophone Lawyers for the Biya Government to attend to their worries with one of them being the return to the Federal System of Government, as it was before the 1972 Referendum.

The lawyers, during their recent confab in Bamenda argued that their demands were fuelled by their burning desire and duty as Anglophones to ensure the protection of the Common Law System in Cameroon, which, they said, is gradually being effaced, following judicial policies and decisions being enacted by the Biya Government.
But Chief Tabetando, himself a lawyer of English expression and a zealot of the Biya regime thinks that those crusading for a return to Federalism are out to cause division in the country.
“Cameroon is one and indivisible,” he is quoted to have insisted.

Talking to the press later on, Chief Tabetando stated: “Our expectations are that of unity… We don’t want any intruders, any insurgents or people to come into our country and destabilise it. People should not listen to interpretations from other people thinking that there is a new Cameroon coming, which is different from the present; that there is a new Constitution going to be written by other people from the Diaspora for us. It is not possible,” the Senator hollered.

Meantime, many Cameroonians in the Diaspora, such as Chief Barrister Charles Taku, who now serves at The Hague, have reacted positively to the Anglophone Lawyers’ call for a new Constitution that respects the bi-jural culture of Cameroon; a return to Federalism and many other issues addressed.
“We were born Cameroonians and we shall die Cameroonians. So, we should continue to be one and indivisible Cameroonians,” Tabetando said.

Another Councillor, who elected to speak on condition of anonymity for political reasons, said Chief Tabetando condemned the actions of the Fako Lawyers Association, FAKLA, who recently carried out a demonstration against the DO of Tiko Subdivision, Patrick Che Ngwashi.

The DO had, on a ‘Keep-Tiko-Clean’ day, detained a FAKLA member and this enflamed Lawyers who trooped to the SDO of Fako and asked that Ngwashi be called to order.
According to Senator Tabetando, the DO was acting as a representative of the State and not as Ngwashi. Challenging the DO, the Senator said, was like challenging the State.

Ekema Storms Out As Mbella Mounts Podium

The Mayor of Buea, Patrick Esunge Ekema, was one of the Mayors who attended the Limbe gathering.
But as soon as Senator Charles Mbella Moki took to the rostrum to deliver a paper after the opening session, a visibly agitated Ekema stormed out of the hall and left the premises. Though he left without any comment, it is no secret that, since taking over as Mayor of Buea from Mbella Moki, the two have maintained a cat and rat relationship.
The closed-door meeting was marked by presentations of papers done by Senator Mbella Moki, who drilled the participants on the role of Senators, among other issues.

Senator Daniel Matute presented on how best Mayors could draft good and fundable projects. He told the Mayors that Senators have, as one of their roles, to help Mayors lobby for their projects to be approved.
Meantime, the Senators, who will eventually tour all the six Divisions of the Southwest Region, came to Limbe with two desk top computers, a motor bike, and some 24 hand push trucks and spraying cans that were donated to the seven Councils in Fako Division.

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    1. Anglo-Charles

      How long will some few greedy anglophones stand-by and watch too many anglophone suffer and die as if we don’t have a nation of entitlement? What will these ones tell God?
      Congratulations to the brave and bold lawyers. Keep the flame burning and we shall overcome.


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