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Bate Nico Enthralls US With Manyu Folkore 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Cameroonian-born Bate Nico and his Ache Manyu Musical Troupe are rocking the USA with music made from Manyu Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon. The Mutengene-based musician began his maiden and month-long concert tour in Georgia, where he was backed by members of the Manyu community resident there and led by Deputy Sheriff and President of the Manyu Elements and Cultural Association, MECA – Georgia, Sessekou Philip Ashutakang.

Bate Nico

The Georgia concert was an opportunity for Bate Nico’s kinsmen and enthusiasts of Cameroonian music to quench their melodic thirst, bring to the fore the lyrical virtuosity of the artist and a rich blend of Cameroonian folklore. According to the artist’s manager, Mbi Araka Ebini, Bate Nico’s USA tour is at the behest of MECA-USA. 

“In partnership with this brilliant Manyu son, whom some have branded Cultural Ambassador, MECA USA plans to raise awareness and funds during his sojourn on two important socio-cultural ills that the organization and artist are passionate about. As collaborators, they are championing the fight against breast cancer and the abolition of female genital mutilation,” Ebini said.

Certified and honoured by the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada as an ‘International Culturally Unique Artist’, MECA – USA Chair, Sessekou Marice Enoh suggested that there is no better voice to express the evils of female genital mutilation than Bate Nico.

On the sidelines of his programmed performances in Atlanta, October 8, Dallas – Texas, October 9 and Washington DC, October 16, Bate Nico will participate in the upcoming Manyu cultural revival in the US and perform at a series of benefit concerts to raise funds for some of the development projects that MECA is currently undertaking in Cameroon. 

The Cameroonian singer is noted for his poetic mastery, a velvety soprano voice, which he uses dexterously to play with words in the various Manyu vernaculars, leaving the listener spellbound.

His songs are capable of stirring distinct emotions and capturing some of the fondest memories in the listener. He has been eloquent and efficient in depicting some of the most squalid human conditions in his society and beyond.  He also has a huge non-Manyu following because of the piercing nature of his message and his style of delivery. 

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