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Becoming A Pop Star In London 

Prince Kenneth Echongapa Abangma, 25, is a native of Bache, Manyu Division in Cameroon. He left Cameroon at three but says; "the rhythm of music, especially African music, makes my mind glow like fire". His parents are Catholics who put him in Bishop Douglas Roman Catholic College where he took courses in Language, English Literature and Performing Arts.

It wasn’t long for him to found, together with his friends, the "Twisted Souls Group", whose maiden concerts galvanized efforts for more professional pursuits into the music world.
Although they were much appreciated, he calls this a learning process, which heralded admission his into the British Academy of New Music at East London. British Academy had a restricted intake of 500 students who were trained in respect to the knowledge and skills they had already developed before coming to the Academy. The Academy teaches a variety of courses including learning to play instruments.   

The artists/students take on what they are deficient in and enhance themselves for the music industry with technology of production, performances, studio techniques, scoring music etc.   
Kenneth admires 2Pac and Michael Jackson but the experience he has had locates him with Rap, Hip Hop and a mixture of other African beats. At the academy, he developed relations with students from the Caribbean, Ghana, Nigeria and a host of European and Island countries. Together with his friends, they have played concerts at Birmingham and London. They have had shows and participated at festivals.

Working on at least twelve tracks of mixed CD’s, his key song "Ring the Alarm" forecasts his great coming into the music scene. Having recently had intimate encounter with pure traditional groups like the "Ekpe" the "Moninkem" "Ngu Njoh" and "Ebon", his imagination would be settling down for the masquerades, which have a pure rendition of the original traditions and cultures.

The totality of good drumming, attractive costumes, colourful décor, the folkloric singing of multi and diversified tunes gives dimensions to the near future for Kenneth." Six months may not be too long before we hit the shelves with our new album," he thinks. He has enrolled at the University of Westminster where he takes courses on Commercial Music and other art disciplines. Kenneth is looking forward to belong to the music scene in Cameroon. London, for him, is already being established. There, the fans are killing him with telephone calls.

By Martin Yangange Wose

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