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Being Fat Makes You Ugly? 

By Brunhilda Ekwati Dashaco* — Mercy Njume (not real names) is about 32 years old. She is medium height and weighs about 80 kgs. Njume says she has high blood pressure and experiences heart burns due to being overweight. “I am very lazy in all my activities,” Njume lamented

“I also suffer from arthritis in the legs and feet. I have difficulties in breathing which often leads to snoring at night or anytime I am sleeping. It makes me not to put on good dresses, especially the ones I like and it has made me to lose shape, and have developed high blood pressure due to poor blood circulation caused by excess fat” said Amina Layonga another fat woman. “At times I have body odor due to the sweat that accumulates in the folds of fat. I sweat profusely, especially after taking a little walk and it’s has made me to hate my self,” Amina explained. 

Fat people have more than just difficulty in walking, breathing or emitting offensive smells, their sexual lives can be depressing. “It is very difficult for me to satisfy my sexual desires because of the discomfort involved during sexual intercourse. I hardly satisfy my spouses because certain styles involved during sexual intercourse are difficult for me to perform,” says Zita Ihekezia.

According to Mandela Ekume, he sweats a lot and “I always look shabby even when I appear to be well dressed. At times I have high blood pressure due to the difficulty in breathing, and it has left me with a very large stomach thereby reducing the size of my manhood making it difficult for me to satisfy my woman sexually.”

Ekume says he suffers from unexplained tiredness, “and I have friction between my thighs.” He says he often suffers from indigestion and constipation. Overweight can be caused by a number of factors including inheritance, eating greasy, fatty or oily foods; eating sugary or sweet foods, starchy foods and fresh meat as well as excessive alcohol intake.

Dieticians advise fat people to eat more fruits, vegetables, do exercises regularly and check their weight to ensure that more is not gained. Fat people are also cautioned to avoid eating between meals, because eating late at night makes food hard to digest and gives one sleepless nights leaving one with a big stomach.

*(ASMAC Journalism Student on Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01370

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