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Benjamin Itoe Side-lines Nfon Mukete Ahead of Installations, 2018 Polls 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Senator  Nfon V. E Mukete

Senator Nfon V. E Mukete

Cameroon’s eldest Senator and Honourary Member of the CPDM Central Committee, Nfon V. E Mukete, has been side-lined from a party meeting billed for Monday, September 26.

According to a release dated September 20, which the head of the Permanent Divisional Coordination Committee, PDCC, of the CPDM for Meme, Benjamin Mutanga Itoe, sent to radio stations, the Nfon is the only high profile militant not invited to the meeting.

The release invites members of the PDDC, Presidents of the five wings of the CPDM, WCPDM, YCPDM, Senator Andrew Otte Mofa, Honourable Matin Atinda Mboni, the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council and the CPDM Mayors of Meme Division.

Mutanga’s release shows that some persons have been invited in dual capacities. This is the case with Senator Andrew Otte Mofa, who is the CPDM Section President of Meme III (Mbonge) and Mayor George Musima Lobe of Konye, who is equally Section President of Meme II.

Chief Daniel Matta Mokambe, who doubles as Mayor of Mbonge is also invited to the meeting.

”The agenda like in the last encounter, will be dedicated principally to a continued reflection on the putting in place of strategies to ensure the good organisation and functioning of the party; the upcoming installation of the Presidents of the five sections of the party and their respective executive members of the CPDM, WCPMD and the YCPMD,” the release reads in part.

An earlier radio announcement had programmed the meeting for September 24 at the party Secretariat, but later rescheduled.

Observers have question the whereabouts of the CPDM Secretary General’s repeated calls for militants to bury the hatchet and promote the interest of the party.

Jean kuete re-echoed the reconciliation issue on June 16 in Buea, while installing the Regional and Divisional Coordination Committee members.

Section Executives Threaten To Boycott Meeting

One of the Presidents of the Youth Wing of the party hinted The Post that, they may be boycotting the meeting.
The youth leader who spoke on condition of anonymity said those in charge of the meeting should have written individual invitation letters to those invited as a sign of respect.

“A mere radio announcement is not enough respect to people who marshal the party at the basic level,” he stated.

The Post gathered that the bitter sentiments are a reflection of growing incoherence between the PDCC and section executive members.

It is rumoured that the delayed installation of the executives is the consequence of internal arguments.

Some section presidents have reportedly vowed that nobody can install them, while others argued that the party Scribe installed everybody when he visited Buea on June 16.

Flash Back

The uneasy atmosphere between the Nfon Mukete and Benjamin Itoe dates back to the controversial reorganisation of the CPDM basic organs last December.

At the close of the elections, there were reports of conspiracies, fraud and incoherence in the conduct of the exercise.

In Meme IA, the Nfon openly challenged the outcome of the reorganisation exercise and begged the powers that be for a rerun.

While the storm was yet to cease, former Minister Itoe again clashed with the Nfon over a date to endorse Biya for the upcoming presidential polls.

In an interview granted The Post on February 8, Nfon Mukete bared his feelings on the political situation.
“With due humility, I feel the elections failed to reach the standard of transparency as expected. It is impossible for me to work with the person they have named. I don’t consider him as a choice of the militants. Let the party verify. I am begging for my militants to be given a chance. Benjamin Itoe and the rest babbled. My party cannot sink to that level.”

On what transpired in the controversial motion of support to Biya, Senator Mukete said he had asked the former Minister to wait for a suitable time.

He stated that such ‘ragamuffin’ attitudes only work to spoil the image of the Head of State.

Mukete in the February interview with The Post questioned what the former Minister, whose name appeared on a list as having donated FCFA 500,000 wanted to show.

The Nfon said the gang-up was to show Biya that his family that used to support the CPDM with FCFA millions has suddenly abandoned it. He said his family can never be against a party whose ideology they are so attached to.

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