Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Bible Society To Celebrate 50 Years Of Evangelisation 

By Leocadia Bongben

Officials of the Cameroon Bible Society have disclosed their intension to celebrate 50 years of evangelisation in Cameroon. Speaking on the up-coming event, Rev. Jean Libom Li Likeng, dispelled allegations of political connotation between the 50th anniversary celebration of the Armed Forces and that of the Bible Society.

He said the life of the country started at the same time with that of the Bible Society, with the arrival of the missionaries. In this vein, he said the Bible Society had to go through the dilemma to either celebrate 1959 or the official inauguration of the Bible Society by the then Prime Minister, Charles Assale, on May 12, 1961. The Bible Society finally settled for the latter.

Evaluating the progress made in 50 years, Rev. Libom Li Likeng said 14 Bibles have been published in national languages and 50 new testaments and120 portions of the Bible translated in different languages in Cameroon. He said one of the major challenges was to have the Bible in national languages, adding that the Bible Society has reiterated its commitment to work hard to satisfy the Cameroonian public.     

"We have a comparatively positive balanced sheet at the African level in relation to other countries that have a multiplicity of languages, being one of the countries that translated the highest number of Bibles in local languages," he said. Luc Gnowa, Director of the Bible Society of Cameroon, stressed the need to see people become better, and see the nation dealing in business and management of the public property in better manner.

The Bible Alliance has an HIV/ AIDS programme that commenced in June 2004 and has been collaborating with persons living with the pandemic. This organisation is a member of the Universal Bible Alliance created on November 28, 1959, with the headquarters in Yaoundé inaugurated on January 12, 1961.

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