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Bilingual Grammar School Geographer Ends 32-year Excursion 

By Bouddih Adams & *Abah Isidore
— Thomas Ngweamaw Titachi, alias ‘Uncle T’, finally handed the Atlas to his colleagues after teaching Geography at the Bilingual Grammar School, BGS, Molyko, for 32 straight years – without promotion, demotion, nor transfer.

Ngweamaw receives certificate of recognition from BGS Principal, Ebenye Ikome

Uncle T lowered Titan Atlas’ Globe at a solemn ceremony that took place on BGS campus on May 9, in the presence of the school administration, colleagues, family members and friends.

Also known among his colleagues and intimate friends for crooning the “Geography Song”, Uncle T gave a valedictory (good-bye) lecture to Upper Sixth students of his darling school on how to answer questions during examinations.

Ngweamaw cautioned the students to avoid abbreviations when answering questions and emphasised on the importance of answering questions in an orderly manner, taking in to cognisance the introduction, the body and the conclusion. After the question and answer session, Uncle T distributed pieces of chalk to fellow Geographers as a symbol of handing over the mantle of teaching to Geography, for continuity.

With tear-filled eyes, the Geographer entrusted the Upper Sixth students in particular and Bilingual Grammar School Molyko in general, to the school administration and his colleagues, as his teaching expedition at the school came to and end. The Principal, Lois Ebenye Ikome, described Uncle T as a wonderful, a dedicated and dutiful teacher. 

She said Uncle T’s 32 years of service at the school helped enormously in grooming responsible and assiduous Cameroonians. As a sign of recognition for his devotedness and duty-consciousness, a certificate of recognition was given to the retiring, but not tired Titan.

“Teachers play a pivotal role in the lives of many successful people, but their roles are not often recognised,” the Principal said. “There is nobody who is what he is today without the help of a teacher,” the Principal added. On behalf of the staff and students of the school, the Principal wished Uncle T well as he takes on his new job as a consultant.

Asked why he wept while entrusting his students to his colleagues, Uncle T intimated: “Those were not tears of sorrow or regret; they were tears of love and supplication to the Almighty that the students should succeed in their examinations and in life. In fact, they were tears of joy for my colleagues, family and friends.”

On what he was going to do with his retirement time, Uncle T said he was going to be a consultant and also continue his duty as a writer. Meantime, Uncle T’s wife, Agnes Ngweamaw, thanked the staff and students of the school for the help accorded to her husband for his 32 years as teacher at that school.

“Thirty-two years,” she said, “is a long time for any one to serve in an institution, this can only be possible if there is positive collaboration between the school and the person.” To the students of BGS, the retirement of their teacher is going to be a great loss, especially those taking Geography at the High School.

The BGS Geography Department crowned Uncle T’s honourable exit at the Geography Embassy downtown Molyko where they handed him gifts, including a certificate of recognition handed over by the Head of Department, Jesse Chia Nkain. The valediction was the first-ever organised in BGS or any other high school around.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01342

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