Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Bishops Dragged To Court Over Non-opening Of Schools 

By Chris Mbunwe

In a joint communiqué dated, Easter Sunday, April 16, signed by the Arch Bishop of Bamenda, Cornelius Fontem Esua, and his Auxiliary, Michael Bibi, reacting to the direct summons from a Consortium of parents whose children attend mission schools, the Bishops state that they will answer the charges.

The Men of God say the members of the so called consortium of parents is unknown to them because they are not in the executive of parents teaches association, PTA, of any of the schools.

The Bishops say the direct summons served them on April 12, by a Bailiff, is from a certain Col. Tamambang and  a certain Terrence Sama, Lt Col., “who claim to be representing parents not known to us. They are claiming 150 billion in special and general damages. It is not only addressed to us the bishops, the principals, but most especially to all of us, mostly guardians, parents, whose Down Town Cathedral, Bayelle, St. Paul, St John et cetera, on whose behalf the church runs these schools. “We shall be there in court to answer these charges. We urge you (Christians) to remain calm during these challenging moments for peaceful resolutions to our socio-political problems. The spirit of the risen Christ should be our light and strength,” Bishop Esua explained.

Earlier, in his Good Friday homily in the presence of Northwest Governor, Archbishop Cornilius Esua expressed hope to see Christians accompany their Bishops to court on April 21.

The Bishops’ communiqué is animating debates in public gatherings. Christians are spoiling to storm the Bamenda Magistrate Court Up-station Bamenda, which might not contain the two main Catholic Churches Up-station, let alone, those Down Town Cathedral, among others.

Meantime, it is alleged that the other religious bodies that are proprietors of schools, namely the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, and the Cameroon Baptist Convention, have also been summoned on similar charges.