Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Biya Clocks 82 Today 

By Isidore Abah

Government Ministers, members of the diplomatic corps and militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, will today, throng the Unity Palace to join President Paul Biya and his family in celebrating his 82nd anniversary.
Biya was born on February 13, 1933 in Mvomeka and grew up to become an astute politician.

Paul Biya Bi-Mvondo flourished in his political drive at a very tender age under the former President of Cameroon, Ahmadou Ahidjo. His leap into the political limelight in Cameroon was not suprising to many.
Biya’s incisive political acumen and his facial appearance, did not only dazzle his predecessor, it also won the admiration of many Cameroonians, who thought that he was going to liberate them from the claws of dictatorship. That is why Biya quickly ascended the political ladder of Cameroon.

Biya began ruling Cameroon as President on November 6, 1982. For almost 33 years of his stewardship, Cameroon has experienced little or no meaningful changes in all facets of the life.
At 82 today, and still counting, and after 33 years in power, The Chairman of the CPDM is still addressing the youths, making promises on how 350,000 jobs will be created in 2015. But after 33 years, polices should be implemented, not promises.
It may not be suprising that the Presidential 82nd anniversary would be punctuated by illusive motions of support, carefully and intellectual weaved by political lackeys, requesting the President to gun for another term, precisely during the 2018 election.

Biya Celebrating his 81 birthday last year

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