Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Biya Creates More CPDM Sections Ahead Of 2018 Elections 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

The Chairman of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, President Paul Biya, has created nine new sections of the party in the Far North, Centre and the Southwest Regions as a means of fortifying the party ahead of the upcoming presidential poll in 2018.

The creation of the new CPDM sections is the essence of a decision Paul Biya signed on February 24.

The decision of the CPDM Chair stipulates the creation of new section in Fako Division of the Southwest Region, Nyong and Kelle Division of the Centre Region and Mayo Danay Division as well as the Mayo Kani Division of the North Region.

The decision of the party’s Chair creates three more sections in Limbe in Fako Division, namely: Fako 1A with headquarters in Limbe I Subdivision, Fako 1B with headquarters in Limbe II and Fako IC headquartered in the Limbe III Subdivision. The CPDM Boss’s decision also provides for the creation of three sections in the Nyong and Kelle Division.

They are: Nyong and Kelle North-East I and II with headquarters in Bot-Makak in the Bot-Makak Subdivision and Nguibassal in the Nguibassal Subdivision, respectively. The third section in that division will be lodged in Bondjock in Bondjock Subdivision. In the Far North, a new section known as Mayo Danay East II has been created in Vele with headquarters in Gueme Subdivision in the Mayo Danay Division.

By virtue of the decision, the Mayo Danay North East has also been born. The new section covers the basic organs of the party in Porhi and has Touloum as its headquarters.

Besides, there is also the Mayo-Kani South-East in Taibong that has Dziguilao as its headquarters. The decision No. 001/CPDM/PN of February 24, 2015, CPDM insiders explain, was tailored to complete the provisions of decision No.004/CPDM/PN of September 11, 2014, that also created new sections of the party in certain parts of country.

Political observers in Yaounde are reading a deep meaning to the creation of new CPDM sections. They hold that President Biya is gradually fortifying his party ahead of the upcoming Presidential election in 2018. But party insiders are hailing the decision of their Chairman, saying new sections ought to have been long created, because, many people, all over the nation, have been knocking at the doors of the CPDM.

According to them, the new sections will accommodate the youth who, they claim, are streaming in to militate in party.

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