Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Biya Has Already Won October 7 Polls-Hon. Nkodo Ndang 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

The CPDM Section President for the Nyong and Mfoumou North-East in the Centre Region, Hon. Roger Nkodo Ndang, says President Biya has already won the October 7 Presidential Election.

“By virtue of the mobilisation of our militants, and by dint of the fact that the Nyong and Mfoumou North-East Section is voting 100 per cent for their National Chairman, I can say that President Paul Biya has already won the election,” Hon. Nkodo Ndang, who is also the President of the Pan-African Parliament told the press.

He was speaking during a rally in Gombo in Nyako Kombo Sub-division in the Nyong and Mfoumou Division on Saturday, July 22.

According to the politician, the unflinching support the local militants have for Biya makes the upcoming presidential election a mere formality.

To Nkodo, mobilising militants to give a 100 per cent vote to President Biya was not a difficult thing for them because they are constantly in touch with the masses in the field.

The MP expressed appreciation to President Biya for supporting his candidacy and blessing him to emerge as the President of the Pan-African Parliament for the second time.

He said he has beaten South Africa and North Africa in elections at the Pan-African Parliament four times in 12 years. Nkodo Ndang lauded the presence of the Dean of African Diplomats in Yaounde, H.E. Beti Marace Martial, who is the Ambassador of the Central African Republic and Algerian Ambassador to Cameroon, saying they were true friends.

He said militants were overwhelmed with joy that the incumbent Biya heeded the people’s call by declaring his candidacy.
He said as far as the upcoming election is concerned, “President Paul Biya is Nyong and Mfoumou North- East, Nyong and Mfoumou North-East is President Paul Biya.”

The MP said despite a smear campaign against him, he is waxing strong as President of the Pan-African Parliament.
For his part, the Section President of the Mfoumou North, Francis Zibi Samba, said despite the fact that President Biya is 85 years old and has been in office for 35 years, they were going to vote him 100 per cent because he is the voice of the people.

He condemned the on-going violence in the two Anglophone Regions, calling on all militants to stand behind President Biya because he is a man of peace.

The CPDM Central Committee Permanent Delegate to the Nyong and Mfoumou Constituency, Robert Nkili, lauded the militants for always standing behind President Biya.

To him, the militants even ought to show more loyalty to the President for supporting one of theirs, Nkodo Ndong to emerge as President of the Pan-African Parliament.

He said the setting of the love affair between CPDM National Chair and the people of Nyong and Mfoumou projects to 100 per cent vote people in the area will give President Biya in the upcoming October 7 election.

Taking the floor, the WCPDM President, Regine Mekono Aboudou, the Mayor of Kobdombo, Colin Ze Biwole Mimbama, all praised President Biya for projecting Nkodo Ndong.

They equally promised to express their gratitude by voting overwhelmingly for him on October 7. The Youth President called on his peers to stand against the destabilisation of Cameroon and support Biya to fight terrorism that is gradually plunging the country into chaos. The meeting sounded very much like a campaign rally, even though campaigns for the upcoming Presidential poll will be launched officially on September 24.

Hon. Nkodo Ndong who organised the meeting was not in that political ruse alone. The Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Promotion of the Family also organised a rally in her native Mefou and Akono Division.
Various speakers at the occasion called for an overwhelming vote for President Biya.