By Basil Afoni

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya

Despite long-running rumours, many Cameroonians were taken unawares when President Paul Biya announced a new government on Friday, October 2, 2015.

In the new government, the President maintained the Prime Minister Philemon Yang against popular expectations, but equally brought in a few new faces. Former Sports and Physical Education Bidoung Mpaktt, a charismatic figure who was surprisingly booted out of office some years ago, equally made a spectacular return to his old portfolio.

A new government was expected since the council and parliamentary elections of September 30, 2013 following a long-held tradition, but President Biya mysteriously kept both the political class and the general population guessing. The wait is finally over.

Below is the list of the new ministers appointed into the government:

Defense: Joseph Beti Assomo

Higher State Control: Ms. Rose Mbah Atcha

Social Affairs: Guene Pauline Irene

Agriculture and Rural Development: Eyebe Ayissi

Arts and Culture: Kombi Narcise Mouelle

Economy, Planning and Regional Planning: Louis Paul Motaze

Secondary Education: Ngalle Bibehe Masséna Jean Ernest

Youth and Civic Education: Mouna Fotso

Mining Industry and Technological Development: Ngoua Boubou Hernest

Post and Telecommunications: Ms. Li Libong Liken Minette

External Relations: Lejeune Mbella Mbella

Sports and Physical Education: Bidoung Mpaktt

Transport: Edgar Alain Mebe NGO

Public works: Emmanuel Nganou Ndjoumessi

Minister Delegate to the Minister of Finance: Eloum Paul Che

Secretary of State for Secondary Education, in charge of Teacher Training: Bayaola Boniface


You can also see the complete composition of the government and the list of sacked ministers here.