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Biya Pledges Continuous Dialogue To End Anglophone Crisis 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

President Biya has said Government will continue to dialogue with the various stakeholders in a bid to end the crisis currently rocking the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

“Together, we will also continue to work towards finding solutions, to maintain peace, consolidate our country’s unity and strengthen our desire to live together and our day-to-day experience of togetherness in compliance with our constitution,” Biya stated in an address on the occasion of the 51st edition of the National Youth Day.

Biya regretted the fact that children in the Northwest and Southwest Regions have not been attending school for several weeks due to the strike action some teacher’s trade union initiated.

He said in order to arrest the crisis, he ordered a constructive dialogue between the Government and the trade unions concerned.

According to the President, the negotiations which took place within the framework of the ad hoc committees set up to that end, helped to define the issues and determine ways and means to address them.

He said Government has already taken some actions to implement the recommendations made by the committees. To him, other actions that border on the grievances of the Anglophone lawyers and teachers will follow soon.

“The Government will continue, in a methodical and orderly manner, to work towards finding appropriate solutions to the justice and education concerns raised by the trade unions of English-speaking lawyers and teachers,” Biya reiterated.

Going by Biya, Government’s readiness to dialogue with the trade unions and seek common solutions to the problems raised, led to the signing of a declaration by some of them calling off the strike.

He congratulated the teachers’ trade union leaders who called off the strike.

He said “These efforts notwithstanding, there have been lingering difficulties, especially owing to the emergence of political demands by extremists and separatist organisations. Preaching hate and violence, these organisations have committed or caused serious atrocities against citizens and damaged their property as well as public buildings and utilities. They have embarked on a campaign of intimidation, threats and violence to disrupt normal conduct of business and school activities.”

President Biya underlined the fact that every citizen has the right to express his opinion on any issue of national life and to take part in a peaceful strike. He, however, warned that it is unacceptable to use threats, intimidation or violence to compel anybody to heed a call for strike action.

Hear him: “It is also unacceptable to hold the education and future of our children hostage, in the vain hope of pushing through political demands. While the right to strike is legitimate, the right to education is even more so. It is a fundamental right. Like their brothers and sisters in the other regions, the pupils and students of the Northwest and Southwest Regions have a right to education. They have the right to prepare their future in peace.”

The President said Government will take all necessary measures to ensure that this right is respected.

While harping on the bilingual nature of the country, Biya said English and French constitute for the youth and other Cameroonians a valuable asset which only needs to be used. To him, such precious communication tools should not become a bone of contention between Cameroonians.

The President described each Cameroonian youth as a star in the country’s sky, saying they are the ones who light up Cameroon.

He further said that the youths represent the positive values of radiance and winning. That is why Government, he went on, is not relenting in its efforts to ensure that the youth play the rightful role in shaping the future of the country.

Biya encouraged young Cameroonians to be daring, courageous and to take initiatives because Government is ready to assist them.

He then said he was pleased that the implementation of the FCFA 102 billion “special youth” three-year plan had started.

He will add that government will support one and half million young people age between 15 and 35 years, at the rate of 5000 youths annually, in various areas of interest as agriculture and digital economy.

“Regarding the digital sector specifically, the National Youth Observation will soon have a platform for meetings and discussions. Guides will be developed to assist and support youth seeking entrepreneurship training, vocational qualification, employment or self-employment” the President declared.

He told the youths that despite the current difficulties, their future is the foremost among Government’s concerns.

“Look around you. Look at the hydro-electric dams under construction, the roads, the ports, the motorways being constructed, the factories and the stadiums being built. They provide employment and various opportunities for our youth,” Biya observed. He urged the youth to be part of a wonderful and extraordinary adventure of a country that is undergoing transformation and development.

To the President, the youth should feel proud to be Cameroonians and continue to be daring in creative activities, remain courageous in their work and have skills in their respective fields.


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    1. likakene

      Bpya is an incompetent idiotic, old man should be removed from office by force by the youths he has starved of opportunity. I hope you drop dead if the army are so stupid to not get rid of you.


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