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Biya’s Senatorial Appointment Makes Mockery Of Cameroon’s ‘Advanced Democracy’ 

Upper House Reverted To One Party Affair
CPDM Emerges With Lone Parliamentary Group
Presidential Majority Political Parties Hugely Compensated

By Yerima Kini Nsom
The ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, party that emerged with 87 seats in the March 25 Senatorial elections will be the lone party with a Parliamentary Group at the Upper House of Parliament.
The opposition SDF party has only seven seats and thus cannot form a Parliamentary Group.
The CPDM overwhelming majority will once more “terrorise” the opposition minority by dictating the mood and tone of events in the house. For one thing, the CPDM and its allies namely: the NUDP, the ANDP, FNSC, the MDR and the UPC make up 93 percent of the Senate. The ally parties of the CPDM, except the NUDP, have one Senator each due to the magnanimity of the President of the Republic.

Paul Biya was very faithful to his political allies during last Thursday appointment of 30 Senators as provided for by the law.
He did little changes within the CPDM camp. In the Northwest Region, for instance, he appointed Mrs. Regina Mundi and Isaac Chafah to replace former CPDM Senators, Achidi Achu and Fon Teche.
The erstwhile elected Senator, Fon Doh Ganyonga III of Bali, was appointed. The President also re-appointed Fon Mukete Essimi Regi Victor and Chief Simon Anja Onjwo, who were elected Senator from the Southwest Region in the last legislature.

The lone UPC Senator, Philip Leke Besongoh Akemfor is also coming from the Southwest.
Of the 30 Senators that were appointed last week, the CPDM alone has 24, while its allies share one each. The NUDP has two Senators. They are Pierre Elambeau Ngayap(reappointed), from the Littoral Region and Djaratou Mohammado from the Adamawa Region.
Dakole Daissola of the MDR from the Far North Region as well as ANDP’s Aboui Marlyse from the East Region were re-appointed.
In the appointment, the post of FSNC Senator moves from Hamadou Abbo, who was recently sacked from the party to Boubakari Ousmanou.

Of the 30 Senators that President Biya appointed, four of them are women. They are CPDM’s, Regina Mundi from the Northwest CPDM, ANDP’s Marlyse Aboui from the East Region and CPDM’s Paulette Bisseck from the South Region.
This brings the number of female Senators to 26 as against 21 in the last legislature.
Besides providing the nation with another female Senator, Emilia Kalebong, the SDF has three lawyers on its list. They are: Honore Ajuoh Ngam, Henry Gamsey Kemede and Georges Kinyang Nyong.

After the appointment of the 30 Senators, preparations in view of receiving the new/old Senators are going on in Yaoundé. The new Senate shall meet in “as of right’ session on Tuesday April 24 in tandem with Section 2/5 (2) of the law.
Following his reappointment last Thursday, it is likely that 84-year old Marcel Niat Njifenji, will be maintained as the President of the Senate.

His appointment at the helm of the Upper House of Parliament will make nonsense of speculations that an Anglophone would take over. Fon Mukete who clocks a centenary in November, will still call the shorts as the eldest Member of the House.
The last legislative at the Senate was hard-hit by the cruel hands of deaths on Senator Francis Nkwain and Senator Stephen Njikong from the Northwest all died during the second year of their mandate.
Fon Fontem Njifua and Pius Ondoua , also died during their mandate.

Unlike in the last legislature, the Upper House of Parliament will have a Senator who is a journalist by profession. He is Dr. Albert Mbida, who retired as an official in the Ministry of Communication recently.

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