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Book Review : Let My People Go 101, How To Be An Intercessor, Lord Teach Us To Pray 

Author: Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa
Reviewer: Azore Opio — It is agreeable to encounter a specialist who is human, who is illuminating but unpretentious.  You will derive much spiritual pleasure from Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa’s three introspective books: “Let My People Go 101”, How To Be An Intercessor” and “Lord Teach Us To Pray”. As much as Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Luthuli wrote “Let My People Go”, Fr. Nkeze, in short shrift narratives, portrays much hope in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation where the devil has ensnared man in a vicious ambush.

Fr. Nkeze having read much, met and prayed with many Christians deeply troubled by fear, evil, envy and hatred from various sources, is excellently equipped to put together these three books on prayer. He takes the sensible view, even when distinguishing between real prayer and fake prayer as he emphasises the dangerous and relentless machinations of the devil.

The books packed with prayers, and this with Nkeze’s persuasive narratives should give the reader insight into how the devil works and how to ward him off. Inevitably, all the contributions are of equal merit and there is some degree of overlap. The books are an extremely useful reference work for those anxious to bring themselves up to date on how to go about interceding for themselves and on behalf of others.

At a time when demonic power seems to subdue the mysterious power of the human spirit, it would only be religious fairness to rekindle interest in the extensive search for the purpose of man; the meanings and values of man; to endeavour to make peace, love and tranquilly part of man’s daily life.

Man, indeed, has become fair game for the devil and Nkeze’s are messages of and means for hope and wisdom to troubled souls. They are entry points into wider intercession realms, so a few slips and misprints which escaped notice should not divert your focus on the theme of the books. The books are available in all the Catholic bookshops in Buea Diocese and beyond.

First published in The Post print edition no 01438

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