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‘Booster’ Clocks One In Southwest 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Consumers of Booster Piña Colada, one of Les Brasseries du Cameroun’s beverages, spent Saturday, April 10, in Limbe, partying in celebration of the first anniversary of this lovely dark, cool drink said to possess the magic of keeping an evening energetic with just the right amount of pleasure and comfort.

Faithful Consumers taking a Booster caper

By 6 pm, faithful consumers of Booster had already started thronging the anniversary venue at the Imperial Hotel in downtown Limbe. And before the Southwest Regional Manager of Les Brasseries arrived a little later for the kick-off, revelers had already started guzzling bottles of Booster Piña Colada. The Junior Brand Manager in charge of Strong Alcohol at the Southwest Region of Les Brasseries, Yonou Elyse, said that from April 1, the Region has been celebrating the first anniversary of this brand which was launched here in February 2009.

He said, however, that the celebrations had already started in other Regions like the Centre and Littoral, where Booster was first launched in December 2008. He said the celebrations will be held all over the country, depending on the birth calendar of Booster in each of the Regions.
Yonou said from every indication, their sales records have proven that consumers are really yearning for it.

"From our sales records, we have seen that the people are really asking for this drink. This means they fully accepted it when it was launched," he said. As to what is the force behind Booster that a teeming number of consumers are going for it, just one year after it was introduce in the Region. Yonou, again, said that Booster was a drink with a fine flavour, taste and could be pretty good for the youths.

Blended with a fine mixture of pineapple and coconut flavourings, he said it is a drink that comes with new sensations and feelings of goodness, especially among the youths. "Piña is a Spanish word, which means pineapple and colada is coco. So Booster Piña Colada is a blend of all these mixtures which fills everyone who drinks it with new sensations," he said.

New Booster Products On The Way

Yonou also disclosed that with the success of Piña Colada, Les Brasseries will soon be launching other Booster products in order to further enrich the consumers’ menu: Booster Whisky Cola, Booster Vodka Pamplemouse and Booster Gin Tonic.

Consumers Rewarded

The celebration was further enlivened with the offering of gifts to consumers through a tombola draw where consumers won DVD players, Booster fez caps, Polo T-shirts, flat irons and others.
Thirty-two-year-old Joan Laisin, a businesswoman went home with a brand new multi-functional DVD player.

"I am very happy for my DVD player. I have been a consumer of Booster for the past four months until this evening I ended up as a happy winner. I am just seeing this like a dream because I never thought it would happen like this. I am very happy," she said. "So I am thanking Booster and Les Brasseries for this surprise. I will encourage my father, mother and sisters to start drinking Booster," said Joan.

And as to how she feels about Booster, Joan said, "I love Booster because it moves me; it gives me good flavour in my mouth. So I love Booster." The Regional Manager, Gilbert Emmanuel Um, oversaw the celebrations. He spent much of the evening in the company of the consumers, sipping his own Booster.

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