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Booster Vodka Pamplemousse Accompanies French Artist 

A France-based painter, Sylvain Chalard aka Kats. Belleville, on May 6, benefited from the support of Booster Vodka Pamplemousse to exhibit his marvellous artistic works at the Club Hippique in Yaounde.

Dagan (M) in chat with Kats

Vodka Pamplemousse is one of the best refined drinks of the Booster family brewed by the famous Les Brasseries du Cameroun. Briefing the media, Mrs. Lidie Towo, Head of Marketing Department of Les Brasseries du Cameroun for the Centre, said the event centred on the exhibition of paintings by Kats. and the accompanying role of Booster Vodka Pamplemousse in promoting excellence.

She said Booster is a gamut of drinks with Booster Pina Colada as the mother and three others including Booster Whisky Cola, Booster Gin Tonic and Booster Vodka Pamplemousse.
"For this painting exhibition event, Les Brasseries du Cameroun opted to have the VIP invitees have a taste of Vodka Pamplemousse. This is because Vodka Pamplemousse is a drink highly appreciated. It was observed today as ever that everybody who tasted of it expressed automatic adherence," Mrs. Towo told the media.

On whether it is a drink reserved for the VIPs considering the environment where the event took place, Towo said Les Brasseries du Cameroun organises public animation from time to time to enable people of all walks of life have a taste of Booster Vodka Pamplemousse.

"We are always present at all sales points, and by implication closer to the consumers. Even though Club Hippique of Yaounde was chosen today, we are at the same time making Booster Vodka Pamplemousse and other drinks of the Booster family available to the consumers’ at all ordinary sales points in the various neighbourhoods," Towo declared.

She gave the example where during the anniversary of a popular supermarket in down town Yaounde, Booster Vodka Pamplemousse was served "to enable all costumers who turned up have a taste of the precious drink as it is the case today in Club Hippique. This is to tell you that serving Booster Vodka Pamplemousse to consumers is a permanent ongoing activity by Les Brasseries du Cameroun in all localities of Cameroon," Towo noted.

She stated that the accompanying of Kats. at the painting exhibition by Booster Vodka Pamplemousse was a unique occasion to promote artistic excellence of the painter. Towo told the press that "Booster is diversified and can therefore accompany any activity deemed worth promoting in order to instil excellence."

Paying glowing tributes to Booster Vodka Pamplemousse in particular and Les Brasseries du Cameroun in general, Kats. described the support accorded him as enormous. He observed that no matter the good works one has, if there is nobody behind such an initiative to push it to the limelight through exhibition, many people will not be aware of its existence.

Stating that he has been doing painting for 20 years now, Kats. said he was exhibiting in Cameroon for the third time. He noted that exhibiting in Cameroon has been a happy moment for him because that has given him the opportunity to get and create contacts with Cameroonians.

"I am already developing a liking for many Cameroonians," Kats. maintained. He thanked Dagan Stephane, the Regional Director of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, the electrician who did the lighting and others for the support. "With institutions and people like these, one can do things and go places," Kats. observed.

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