By Michael Ndi — A self-declared prophet, Frank Afanwi of the Kingship International Ministries, who was dragged to court after destroying some ancestral shrines of Bafut fondom in the Northwest Region, has been granted bail.

The Mezam Magistrate’s Court on April 4 granted bail to Prophet Afanwi, who filed a motion to that effect while in detention following his actions that many locals and people of Bafut extraction widely considered an aberration.

He was charged with assault on Fon Abumbi II of Bafut  and some 13 others, organizing a meeting under an illegal association (The Kingship International Ministries) and felling a100 years’ old ancestral tree which led to the destruction of a house belonging to one Mr. Fongo.

After his first appearance in the court over the matter, Prophet Frank and one other person were granted bail for 200,000 FCFA with landed property and the matter was adjoined for April 23, 2012.

After the incident on Saturday March 31, 2012, Prophet Afanwi and his kingship International Ministries’ faithful intimated the press that they felled the ancestral tree because it was a curse to the sons and daughters of Bafut. gathered that some 150 years ago, the founder of Bafut village, a then 19-year-old girl, was buried alive by the men who feared that the girl was going to exploit her foundership of the Bafut village to be the leader or sovereign of the Bafut fondom. A tree was then planted on the girls’ grave as a tomb

Before the girl gave up the ghost, was told that she cursed the Bafut land saying that they shall know no peace generation after generation. Since then, Bafut people have been conducting  sacrifices round the tree to appease the girl every year.

To mitigate the situation, Prophet Afanwi who came in from Douala to heal the sick in Bafut, took upon himself to fell down the ancestral tree and destroyed the shrine. It was on this premise that the Fon and his subjects entered into a scuffle with Prophet Afanwi and his faithful. In the course of the fracas, several people were wounded and others hospitalized.