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Boyo Cultural Fiesta Billed For May 26 

By Elizabeth Enanga Mokake* — The festival of the Boyo Cultural and Development Association, BOCUDA, Yaounde branch, has been slated for May 26 at the Yaounde Cultural Centre.

The Yaounde BOCUDA President, Evaristus Mbungson, in a press release issued last weekend, said the occasion will be an opportunity for the people of Boyo Division in the Northwest Region to showcase their cultural and traditional values.

In this light, traditional dances, costumes and cuisine will be displayed in order to give the general public a faithful rendition of what the Boyo tradition and culture look like. The Fon of Kom, Vincent Yuh II, is expected to grace the occasion.

The Fon will be accompanied by a host of traditional dignitaries, including Bobe Kwifoin. Musicians of Boyo origin like Prince Afo Akom, Ateh Bazore, Ndikumndi, Amour Sourire and many others, will also grace the occasion.

According to the release, the occasion that will end with a grand gala, will also be a fundraising ceremony. The funds raised will help the Boyo community in Yaounde to complete the building of their multipurpose cultural centre at the Mbankolo neighborhood.

*(ASMAC Student on Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no. 01344

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