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Boyo Mayors Boycott SDO 

By Wamey Panky — Four Mayors in Boyo Division of the Northwest recently ignored an invitation from the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, David Embe to the traditional monthly security meeting (CCO).

In an opening speech at the start of the three days security meeting in Fonfuka, the SDO expressed total disappointment and embarrassment at the conspicuous absence of the Mayors, safe the host Mayor. The SDO observed that the Mayors were properly served with invitations just like others who were present. He insinuated that the boycott of the security meeting was a challenge to his authority, especially as there were even no representatives or notes of absence.

The SDO reminded the command personnel present that the meeting was aimed at evaluating their different administrative activities; examining difficulties and as one man, to chart the way forward to ensure a peaceful and development bound Boyo Division and the Northwest.

Embe appreciated the security, through the judiciary, to all Divisional Officers and Delegates, for their efforts to meet up with their varied tasks to ensure the smooth growth of the Division. He said despite all other huddles, they were at the best. He implored them not to relent their efforts in executing their assigned responsibilities. He warned that he would not sit and watch individuals or groups who hinder development of the area.

Earlier, the Mayor of Fonfuka, John Wanlo Chiamua, in his welcome address, expressed a lot of excitement for the municipality hosting such a meeting for the very first time. Wanlo observed with satisfaction that it was all clear that since he took over the Council in 2007, Bum has, of late, been opened not only to the rest of Boyo but also to other parts of the Region. Before then, he said, to travel to Fonfuka from Fundong, Boyo’s headquarter, meant crossing through over four divisions and eleven subdivisions.

Nevertheless, Wanlo regretted the conspicuous absence of his colleagues. He disclosed that he attended the meeting in other municipalities without discriminating venue. He described the absence as malice intended to undermine his municipality.

Talking to the press shortly after, Wanlo said he was not guilty of any divide with his colleagues. The Mayor observed that it was a very bad sign, especially to the administration of Boyo and its people. Some observers and critics said the bad faith demonstrated by the absentee Mayors was not only to their colleague, but to the entire Bum people and that it was clear that the Bum people were yet to win the love of the Kom people.

One Ngong, a Bum elite, opined that the union between Kom and Bum, the main clans that make up Boyo Division, has continued to fail and that Bum be given their own constituency

Before the security meeting, the Mayor received an award in Bamenda as “the best Mayor in Boyo.” He had earlier received an award for the Best Performant Mayor in Cameroon.

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