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Brasseries Mutzig Star Laureates Receive Car, Cash Prizes 

By Elvis Tah

Officials of Les Brasseries du Cameroun have handed a brand new Peugeot 206 and two cheques worth FCFA 1.7 million to the first and second winners of the 2009 Mutzig Star Competition.

Zinnia (middle) poses with Les Brasseries hostesses

Zinnia Bemo Basame, Mutzig Star 2009 champion, received the keys to the saloon car worth FCFA 15 million. According to Les Brasseries du Cameroun officials, all the car documents are valid for one year.

Zinnia also bagged FCFA 1 million, 10 crates of Mutzig to celebrate with and her first album will be produced by Les Brasseries du Cameroun. The second winner, Jerry Tamfor, took home a cheque of FCFA 750.000 and eight crates of Mutzig. The prizes were handed to the laureates by the Southwest Governor, Louis Eyeya Zanga, and the Southwest Regional Manager of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Gilbert Emmanuel Um, at the Buea Independence Square, Thursday, July 9.

Buea Mayor, Charles Mbella Moki, during the ceremony, was elated that the Southwest Region, for the first time, has produced a laureate of the Mutzig competition. He implored the people of Buea to consume Les Brasseries du Cameroun products and know its worth.

For his part, the Southwest Regional Manager of Les Brasseries du Cameroun congratulated the laureates for making the Southwest Region proud. He said Mutzig Star is organised yearly by Les Brasseries du Cameroun to exploit young talents and contribute in nation building. "The competition at first was Mutzig National Song Competition. It is now changed to Mutzig Star Competition," said Um.

He added that Les Brasseries du Cameroun has remained faithful to her attempts to promote cultural development in Cameroon, occupies a place of choice with the company. "The Les Brasseries football school serves as a nursery for professional football and the national football team of Cameroon. In the academic milieu, Brasseries promotes skills through the Djino Drawing Competition," the Manager said. Meanwhile, an overjoyed Jerry Tamfor, after receiving his cheque, invited other youths to join the Mutzig Star Competition.

Zinnia greets Eyeya Zanga

"I encourage other youths to join the Mutzig Star competition and if you are going into it, you should be going with a competitive spirit else you will not win," said Tamfor. Both laureates thrilled the crowd as they mounted the podium to replay their music which brought change into their lives. As Zinnia mesmerized the crowd with her angelic voice, the Southwest Les Brasseries du Cameroun Regional Manager could not resist cutting a caper.

The Mutzig Star Competition

The Mutzig Star Competition was launched on March 14 in Douala. It started with some 7,000 competitors which were reduced to eight in the eliminatory phases in which Les Brasseries du Cameroun caravan toured the major towns of the country.

The eight competed in Yaounde, Bamenda and Buea from where they were finally narrowed down to four, ahead of the finals. Zinnia emerged overall best in the eliminatory phases, while Jerry was fourth. It should be noted that prior to the ceremony, Zinnia paraded the streets of Buea in the prize car in Les Brasseries du Cameroun motorcade, thrilling the town, before settling at the Independence Square.

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