Friday, November 16, 2018
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Budding Artist Joins Advocacy For African Unity 

By Leocadia Bongben

A nascent Reggae musician, Felix Dobgima Tatang alias Rooty Dobby has joined the advocacy for the unity of African countries.

This is one of the messages contained in the first album Rooty Dobby has released.
The artist, who spoke to The Post, says the United States of Africa is the ultimate goal to take the continent out of bondage. In one of his tracks titled ‘Harambe’ (United States of Africa), Dobby preaches unity. ‘Harambe’ in Swahili means living together and within this line of thinking, Dobby says he is a Cameroonian by coincidence and feels at home anywhere in Africa. 

Focusing the eight tracks on peace, love, solidarity and unity, Dobby says, "The one you call your best friend is not necessarily your friend." With the price of a CD pegged at FCFA 2,500, Dobby says he is counting only on the good faith of Cameroonians to know that artists go through a lot of trouble because of piracy. He thinks that the Ministry of Culture and the administration as a whole is not doing enough to curb piracy.

Rooty Dobby who plays root reggae – the original reggae played by slaves ferried from Africa to the America’s, was born into a family of music lovers and writes his own songs. Dobby’s album will be launched in Yaounde and Bamenda in the months ahead.

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